Howdy from Texas… yep it got hot out today… The Subaru said it was 92 out while I was driving home…

I woke up with a nasty headache this morning and had it all day long… I had a really busy day at work to go along with my headache… One of the large systems that I help to support decided to have some new issues – so I spent most of the day looking at the programming behind the processes that are not working very well. I’ve come up with some ideas on what is happening and have most of the programming completed on the test server. Tomorrow I will finish it up, test it, have it moved into Production and hope for the best…

John also had a busy day. He helped cut down another tree and then started to work on the rider lawn mower that needed some simple repairs before it is usable. The riding lawn mower should help John to keep up with all of the grass that needs to be cut.. He had supper on the table when I came home – spaghetti with meatballs – it was yummy!

After supper, I did the dishes and then ran over to Fry’s to purchase a cooling pad for John’s old Dell laptop that runs hot. Fry’s had 12 different models – I went with one that is powered off the USB port.

Not much else going on… watched American Idol and it was about time that Lil got voted off – should have happened about a month ago… It was nice to see that Adam is still in the competition.

Now off to read and fall asleep…

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