I had another nice day. John was stuck working from 8:00 am until 9:00pm today so I had the camper to myself. This moring I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire again because I fell asleep for the last hour of it last evening. The ending has me a bit confused. When he was in the maze and then touched the cup with his friend and they were transported to the evil place. I don’t understand much of the symbolism behind what happens to him and why his friend is killed. I would probably understand better if I had read the books….

I meet John for lunch during his lunch break – we went to Qdoba and did not enjoy it very much – we had a long wait before we made it to the counter, the people working the counter were slow and unorganized and my food was just OK…. I’m discovering that Bloomington is filled with bored white collar workers who basically do three things well – work, eat out and shop….. I hope I can be more interesting then most of the drones and Stepford Wives I have been running to….

After lunch I went back to Advance Auto and purchased some soap and a brush that attaches to a hose so I can wash the camper. I spent around an hour washing the camper and removing most of the black streaks. I need to wax the camper again, but not today. Our neighbor uses some type of liquid wax that he applies with a pad on a telescoping rod to his “Torry Pine by Newmar” and it looks good. But then again most campers look nice when they are new…

I found several eclectic stores in Downtown Normal that sell used vinyl and CD’s named ”
North Street Records” and “Waiting Room Records”. They were closed this afternoon. I will have to check them out some evening after work and see if they have any 8-tracks….

After the outside of the camper was clean and dry, I then worked on the inside. I purchased some new rugs to replace our old ones. Most of the old ones were from the house in West Bend and the Holiday Rambler fifth wheel. We now have taupe and beige matching rugs that go well with our interior.

I went to the library and checked out “Lost In Translation” and “The Pink Panther Film Collection” on DVD. I’m watching “Lost in Translation” as I type this… it is an odd movie… I also picked up the book “The Cat Who Saw Stars” by Lilian Jackson Braun. I really enjoy “The Cat Who” series – they are a nice easy read and I like the cats…

Now when John comes home and asks me what I did today I can just smile and say “Not Much”….

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