I had a good day at work. I’ve been working on a website where users enter in trouble tickets and then the ticket goes through a work flow process.

The weather had been really nice here – low in the 40’s highs in the upper 70’s. The forcast for the next few days looks like we will be getting rain and cooler temps 🙁

I went get geocaching tonight and found the cache I was looking for before it got dark. I’m now up to a total of 113 caches found. I hope to make it to 200 by the end of the year, if not sooner. As stated in the shout-it-out sidebar, my Polly Pockets travel bug spend the winter in Wisconsin and was discovered two weeks ago by a Geocacher who will be placing her in another cache shortly. I’m still not sure why she ended up in Wisconsin on her way to Arizona, but oh well…. at least she was found….

At 9:00pm tonight I connected with one of my coworkers, Dave, using our ham radios. He has a new radio that he wanted to try some different HF frequencies on. We had limited success on 10 and 80 meters – probably because of antennas. He is using a fence line antenna that runs parallel with the ground and the antenna in the RV is mounted perpendicular to the ground. John thinks that his signal is bouncing over us. We have both decided to study for the next ham radio test and get General licenses so we get more HF privileges. Right now we only get 28.300 to 28.500 on 10 meters.

John is getting an antenna tuner in the mail later this week and is working on setting up another antenna that will give us a bit more flexibility then the one mounted on the RV.

Perhaps some of our ham friends in Wisconsin would like to QSO with us on the limited portion of the 10 meter band sometime….

Here is my RV tip of the day:

4. Be on time – if your camping group has decided to meet at a certain time to do something, show up a little early or right on time – don’t make everyone wait for you.

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