I had a good, but busy day at work. During my lunch break I went and took the “IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Application Development Update” certification exam again. I passed the exam this time – Yeah!!! So why do I place so much importance on keeping my Lotus Notes Certification current? To me certification shows that you took the time to study for the exam and passed it. It does not mean that you have practical experience with it – just that you are “book smart” about it. When a company wants to hire a programmer, they tell the head hunters what skills and certifications they desire. The head hunters don’t always know what the different skills and certifications mean – they just know to look for them on all the resumes they receive. So if you have the certifications, you have a better chance of being considered….

So now I’m planning on learning about Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is Microsoft’s competing product to Lotus Notes – so it should be interesting to learn about it and maybe get certified in it.

We are starting to get prepared for our camping trip this weekend to Carlyle Lake with the Happy Kampers. This is their first camp-out of the season and it looks like there will be lots of people going. I did laundry tonight because we will be meeting Perry and Doug at C J Mugg’s for supper tomorrow evening for Dining Out For Life . Dining Out For Life is where certain restaurant’s in the area donate a portion of their proceeds for a single day to Aids Support and research groups. We have done this event in the past and have enjoyed it. I even volunteered for it when I lived in Milwaukee.

John is starting to work on his next project – an antenna mount off the back ladder where we will connect a ham radio antenna. This will be a replacement to the fiberglass one that fell down in the wind a few weeks back and shattered when it hit the pavement…. One of the residents here at the park works at a metal fabricating company and said that he would create the mount to his specifications…..

Not much else going on…..

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