Hello all, John here.

It’s Thursday night and I am done with work for the week Yeah! I do like the Monday-Thursday Schedule. Work has been OK, I am getting stronger and seemingly adapting to the heat. It has been hot here (94 yesterday, and 87 today) and it really wears you out quickly. My sunburn is darkening, and is turning brown… I never used to tan… In FL I got some, but now it seems to be happening quicker. I go slow and drink lots of water, as I carry my 1QT Nalgene bottle with me. I have been going through about a gallon in 8 hours, and yet I still don’t think that is enough.

I got a little behind with the mowing this week since it is growing so far on account of the rain we had. I told Al a couple days ago we really needed to look at making time to get the Zero turn back together, and volunteered to come in tomorrow (Friday) to do it. I was convincing, or he just didn’t want the extra payroll, since Yesterday and Today we spent enough time to get it running. It is actually a really nice commercial mower, and only a year old. Hustler is the brand name, and appears to be made here in TX as I haven’t seem them anywhere else? But, for the most part if you have used a Zero-Turn they are all about the same. The last guy Max, (I call him “The Illiterate Mexican Lawn Boy”) really tore up the deck on it. Apparently he used to to basically mow everything here and damaged a lot of other equipment and did some property damage also. We had to replace one of the blade spindals, change the tans-axle lube, and grease it all. The difficult part was having to take most of it apart just to get the lube filters off… But between the two of us we got it done by noon today, so I spent the rest of the day catching up.

I am surprised how quick and agile it is. I’ll be able to use it more than where I thought I would, figuring it will save at least a full day of push moving. I still will need to push a lot of the sites here as they are just too tight even for it. It is pretty useless on less than flat ground also, so I will still need the stupid Velke to cut the ditch (AKA, Satan’s Mower). But, it will save a lot of time and effort for some of the larger areas we cut. Anyhow, I’m happy with it, and will may be make my job a hair easier.

My biggest complaint so far are the Ass Clowns who do not clean up after their dogs. Of course everyone you talk to is just as appalled by a few bad dog owners, but ya know what? Someone is lying to me, since I talk with almost everyone who owns dogs in this park, and they all say the same thing! I can totally see why you are starting to see more and more no dog, or pet restricted parks, and those that are not restricted, are putting obnoxious charges on their monthly renters… All I can say is you people brought it on yourselves! I can totally agree, and you would too when you miss a pile and run it over with the lawn mower only to have it splattered on your shoes or legs. It is GROSS. So, when and if Derek and I ever fulfill that dream of opening our own park, dog owners beware, there will be no mercy! Of course from the KOA office, us workers just get placated with “Oh we will talk to them Bullshit, that never happens.

So, that is about all I have, so I will end on shitty note tonight.

Have a good night!


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