Greetings from the lush green state of Oregon.

First of all – Happy Easter!  Hope the Easter bunny found his way to your house with lots of candy…

On Saturday (yesterday) John was getting cabin fever and wanted to get out and do something.  While eating breakfast at Sharri’s he suggested we take a drive to Mt. Hood.  The weather was in the low 60’s, sunny and not raining… so decided it would be fun.  John kinda wanted to take “the back way” to get there – so we took State Highway 26 west out of town and ended up on a bunch of windy roads.  We got a bit lost, so we used the GPS on the iPhone to take us to the Timberline Lodge in Timberline, OR – right next to Mt. Hood.  Here’s some pics I took along with way:


One of the smaller road through the woods


This road was much better..


Getting closer to Timerline, OR - very rugged and pretty..


Heading up Mt. Hood


Biker also heading up the road to the lodge... Looks cold..

Made it to the lodge, it was very busy, parking was impossible, so we just left…..

The Lodge.... Pic from the web - we could not get this close because of traffic...

Probably should have at least gotten out and looked around, but looked like one big cluster fuck…..  The drive was fun… got us out of town for a few hours.  The drive back was much quicker – just to0k 26 back to Portland, OR…

Today we had a lazy day at home today… I slept in until 8:30am… Didn’t mean to, just happened… not complaining it felt really good being all wrapped up and cozy while listening to it rain outside.  The cat agreed – he was all sacked out next to me…

Didn’t really have any Easter activities…  went to breakfast at Sassy Betty’s, then stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to get some coffee and tea pods for Keurig machine, then back home.  Did stuff around the MoHo went and did laundry..  While waiting for the wash/dry cycles to complete I sat in the club house working on a puzzle someone else started a few weeks back.  It’s a Terry Redlin puzzle that has cabin, lake and lots of trees…  Not the easiest puzzle to put together… there’s lots of areas of the puzzle that look similar….

This evening is John’s last meal before his oral surgery tomorrow afternoon.  He decided he was hungry for salad at Sweet Tomatoes.  He searched online and found one in Clackamas, OR – about 10 miles away on I-205 South.  We’ve not been to that part of the area before so off we went…  Was raining when we left the rv park, but stopped and was sunny out by the time we made it to our destination.  Sweet Tomatoes we not overly busy and we were able to get through the line with no wait..  Their pasta is usually bland but today they had a tasty penne pasta with a lemon caper cream sauce – glad I tried it – was yummy!

Not much else going on….  John’s playing the X-Plane flight simulator on his computer- trying to land some type of jet on an air craft carrier.   I hear him crash every now and then 🙂  I will be watching some TV, studying for Ham radio exam and playing Warcraft…

Tomorrow I will leave work at 2:00pm to take John to the dentist.  Hope the procedure goes well.  Will probably stay home from ice skating to make sure he is doing OK….  I get to be “Nurse Derek” and take care of a sore grouchy Johnny 🙂

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