Greetings from St. Louis!

The weather has been cool, overcast and breezy with occasional rain sprinkles.  At least we are not getting any stormy weather…

Our time here has been going by quickly.  The weekend went pretty much as planned.  Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Billy’s Fine Food.  It is an old diner that seems like it from the 1940’s.  Old worn benches, counter with stools.  It is not an imitation of what a old diner is like – it’s the real deal.  I had their breakfast bowl – a large portion of broken up potato with onion and bacon topped with shredded cheese and two fried eggs.  I like this place more then John, but he does not complain too much….


Picture I found online of Billy's

We then headed over to the Soulard Farmer’s market.  The market was not over busy like in the summer months.  Was fun to check out all of the fruit, vegetable, meat & baked good vendors.  We purchased homemade ciabatta bread, oranges, mangoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and several types of sausages.


Quick picture of John working the Soulard market...

Then we headed back to the RV park to drop off all of our purchases.  Then we drove to St. Louis Mills to do some clothes shopping.  We actually drove there twice.  First time we were almost there and John said “What about your disaster recover exercise?” – my reply was “Oh Crap…”.  I needed to have my part of the exercise done by 12 noon so we turned around in the mall parking lot and headed back to the RV park so I could log into work and do my thing.  It sucked because it is a 20 minute drive each way….

John was nice enough to drive back to the mall after I finished.  The mall has more empty store then I remembered, but my favorite ones were still there.  John found some nice shirts and I picked out a nice pair of jeans at the Levi’s outlet along with some socks and undies at Burlington Coat Factory that I will leave in the RV.  Wanted to find some shirts but nothing really jumped out at me.  I used to have a blue and white crinkly gingham shirt that I would like to find one like it again…. perhaps Eddie Bauer would have something…

Then Saturday evening we meet up with a group of 5 friends at the International Tap House for drinks.  Everyone enjoyed various beers from around the world.  I went with a Belgium Lambic that had a very tart berry/cherry taste to it.  Thought the tartness may help ward off the gout.  So far so good…

We then walked over to Chava’s Mexican Restaurant for supper.  I had a chicken chimichanga and it was quite tasty.  Had a distinct Tex/Mex flavor to it with a rich mole sauce.  Paired nicely with the Pomegranate margarita.

On Sunday we meet friends for breakfast at Lafayette Fire Company No. 1.  It is a fire station themed restaurant owned by a group of firefighters.  Complete with handsome firemen waiting on the tables.  I had an omelette named “Medic” – had spinach, tomato, green pepper, onion, black olive, mushroom and cheese in it.  Was delish…

Sunday afternoon I spent 90 minutes washing clothes in the parks laundry room.  Once I got that done, decided to walk over to the metro train station and go for a ride.  Took the red line east out of town, through East St. Louis and eventually ending up outside the Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, IL.  Ride took an hour each way.  John think’s I’m nuts for hopping on the light rail train just to go for a ride and having no destination, but I find it relaxing and fun way to sight see….

Made it back to the RV park in time to make supper.  Had a nice Italian meal with the Italian sausage and bread we purchased from the Soulard market.  Had enough left over for John to have for lunch later this week.

My work week has been extremely busy for me.  I’m on call this week along with working on my regular projects.  The help desk tickets take priority over my regular work – so not getting much done with them so far.  Was hoping to have a minimal amount of help desk tickets, but so far that has not been the case.

Tonight John and I went over to my co-worker Scott’s house for supper.  His wife prepared a yummy steak supper that really hit the spot.  Was cool to spend time getting to spend time with him outside of the office.  Had not actually meet Scott in person before this trip to St. Louis.

So that’s about it…  we have just been eating our way through St. Louis reconnecting with many friends we’ve meet during our three extended stays here.  St. Louis feels quite familiar and welcoming to us.  Hope we can spend more time here in the future.  We will probably be heading back to Iowa sometime on Saturday.  That will give us a day to get things in order at the apartment building and get the RV all set for our next trip.

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