John had a good day for his flight lesson. He got to fly solo for an hour or so.. this is the first time he was flown by himself since he has been in Bloomington. Here is a picture of the plane he uses:
He probably has 10 to 20 more hours to go before he will get his license. Then I assume he will continue taking lessons so he can get his instrument rating.

After work I went to the gym and actually ran on the treadmill for 5 minutes. Up until now I have been just walking fast. I will continue to run for 5 of the 30 minutes that I do this will and increase it to 10 minutes next week…. I hope to keep slowing increasing the intensity of my 30 minute workout…

I like Monday’s because most of the weekly podcasts I listen to have a new show. This was true for RetroBits, Diggnation and MacCast.

If you have not been listening to Lucky Bitch Radio lately, this would be a good time to listen again. Sometime this week Wanda will tell us what his big announcement is… My guess is that he received some type of sponsorship that will enable him to do the podcast full time – but I could be wrong. You would think that perhaps there is a government grant that he could take advantage from the arts council or something…. Another guess I have is that perhaps MikeyPod and Wanda will move in together, become romantically involved and combine their shows…. never know….

I have also been enjoying the “Feast of Fools” podcast. This show originates in Andersonville, IL where Buck and Jeff live. It makes me giggle when the show talks about how there is a large number of lesbian couples who live in the Andersonville area….

On the Feast of Fools website they have a link to a video clip of Cher, Tina Turner and Kate Smith doing a medley of Beatles songs – it is so funny to watch – check it out: Cher Beatles Clip

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