Work is starting to seem a little routine. The first programming change I have been involved with is getting close to being moved into Production. I will probably need to wait around tomorrow evening to make sure the programming change is applied to production properly. Tomorrow I get my first paycheck from my current consulting company – yeah!! I now get paid bi-monthly, instead of weekly…..

After I got supper on the table and did dishes, I went roller blading at my private roller rink – one of the flea market sheds. It is 30 feet wide, about 50 yards long with a nice concrete floor – perfect for roller blading. There are even lights that turn on when it gets dark out. I’m still unable to get John to put on his size 14 skates. I would like to practice a skating routine inspired by the movie Xanadu.


I wanted to go geocaching, but the only geocache that is close requires a 2.5 hike to the cache and back – I’m not sure I could do it before it got dark out, so I will wait and do it this weekend.

We have received a few emails about the little encrypted phrase you need to enter when posting a comment not working. I removed this mechanism and you can now post comments. If the blog starts to get comments from spammers then I will need to turn it on again. I checked the stats for the blog this month and so far it is up to 14,376 visitors – pretty cool.

I’m sure everyone is waiting with bated breath for my next Camping Tip. I have a feeling these tips will return to haunt me when and where I least expect it 🙂 So here is the next one:

5. Don’t be cheap – make sure you chip in when there are shared expenses like fire wood, paper plates/utincles and etc. If someone picks up the tab for a meal out, return the favor another time.

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