Greetings from a rainy day in Portland…

The weather has been warmer, but very unsettled.  We keep having rain, small hail, then sun, then rain, then small hail and so on…  it’s getting old…

John’s oral surgery has gone well.  The procedure started at 2:30pm and he was all done by 3:30pm.  He was put under local anesthesia so he was quite groggy on the way home.  He had three wisdom teeth removed – two on the top and one on the bottom.  His mouth is packed with gauze to help with bleeding and to keep some pressure on the stitches.  He says the interior of this mouth is very swollen and numb.  He does not like taking pain medication, but has taken some to help with the discomfort that will start to creep in once the numbness goes away.  I hope he is able to have a sound nights sleep and wakes up tomorrow feeling good…  will see….

I have ice skating lessons tonight – not sure if I will stay home and keep eye on John, or go and let him rest without distraction…  will see what he thinks….

Had a very busy day at work.  Started with a 7:30 am meeting and did not let up from there.  Was glad to get out at 2:00PM to be with John…  Think this entire week is going to be similar – lots of work to be done….

Not much else going on… John’s watching TV and is very quiet….

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