I’m writing this while watching American Idol. Kelly must go this week – her performance was not very good. My favorite performers this evening were Chris, Taylor and Paris. I think that Kelly and Elliot will have the lowest votes this week.

John had a frustrating few hours at ground school. His instructor arrived late and then spent time with another group of students who arrived early instead of working with John. John was not happy…

I meet John for lunch at a Chinese Buffet close to the major insurance company. The food was decent and it was nice to look into John’s puppy dog eyes while eating faux-suchi slathered in wasabi sauce. True love has no boundaries 😉

After work I went and worked out – ran again on the treadmill. I have been eating bananas to help with my legs cramping up…. John had supper ready when I got home.

Went to the library and check out another book, a few magazines and two movies – “Waiting” and “Walk the Line“.

I’m watching Waiting while John is watching House on fox. I dislike the House show with a passion – it is way too medical and gross for my liking… Ryan Reynolds is rather tasty in this movie.

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