Me and Doug in the back and Perry and Mickey in the front.

Last evening we meet Perry, Doug and Mikey at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves for Dining Out For Life, and to say good-bye to Mickey. I had linguine Tutu Mare and it was tasty. It had lots of lobster and crab in it – with a creamy sauce and sun dried tomatoes – very decadent. It was a yummy treat! Mickey is a traveling nurse that has been staying at the St. Louis RV Park for the last few months. She is around John’s age and John enjoyed talking with her and helping her out with misc. motor home issues. As a thank you for John’s help, she bought our supper for us. It is a bit sad to see her go, but I have a feeling that we will pull into a RV park sometime in the future, and there she will be……

The trip to Carlyle Lake State Park this evening went ok. It was a bit windy and John had to work to keep the motor home on the road. John likes to drive with the CB radio on so he can hear truck drivers talk about traffic conditions and etc. Today it paid off a bit, because a truck driver called out to us on the radio and let us know that one of our back window awnings was loose. He said it would go out a foot, and then go back in. John thanked him and then pulled over to check it out. He found that the latch that keeps the awning in place had worked loose – probably because of the wind. With a firm whack, the latch went back in place.


Motor home all ready for the trip...

We made it to the campground by 5:00pm with no further issues. The campground is well maintained, with paved roads and large sites. We are setup next to Glenn and Steve, and across the road from Rich A. and Sonya and Susan. After we setup, we spent time meeting the other campers in our group and being social. We then decided to have supper at a local restaurant, the Lighthouse Grill. John and I both ordered hamburgers and fries – and they were good. They messed up my order and it was served 10 minutes after everyone else’s… no big deal – I usually eat fast….. and John let me nibble on his fries…..

On the way back it started to storm – lots of rain and lightening. The storm lated for an hour, but now it is just raining…. will write more tomorrow….

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