Greetings from a wet Portland…

The unsettled weather continues…  was sunny with some sprinkles on the way home.  Now that supper is done and the dishes are done – it has decided to rain harder.  So much for going on bike ride tonight 🙁

Last evening I ended up going ice skating.  John was resting and watching TV when I left.  Had a good lesson – some of the backwards techniques are getting stronger.  My new skating nemesis is being able to skate backwards and then lift one of my feet up – ending up skating on a single blade.  Each time I’m going backwards and left one of my feet up – it makes me feel like I’m going to fall down…..  So have some work to do…

When I returned from skating John was in pain.  The anesthesia wore off and ouch!!  He’s now taking his pain medication and trying to cope with his swollen mouth of hurt…. 🙁

Today I drove myself to work.  Felt weird having to find a place to work.  My work morning went by quickly.  Had a conference call meeting, weekly status meeting with my manager and worked on several projects.  Went home to check up on John during my lunch break.  I scared him when I opened the Moho door – he was sleeping on the couch.  Made him some more instant pudding, chatting with him for a bit and returned to work.  Had a quick lunch in the caffeteria and then headed back to cube.  Spent the afternoon working on some more projects and got lots of programming in place… and working…

Tonight John requested some macarroni and cheese… so whipped up a box of Kraft…  He was able to slowly eat it… Yeah!!

Not much else going on… the sun just came out and it is not raining… so going to head out and take a bike ride… maybe I can get 30 minutes in before it rains again….

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