My legs are a bit sore from doing the treadmill again tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing who gets voted off Idol tonight – I still hope it is Kelly. John got to fly again this morning and did an exercise where he wore sight limiting glasses while doing an instrument landing. This is done to simulate landing in poor visibility conditions… He then got called into work and was stuck there for five hours…

I saved my fortune from the Chinese buffet yesterday – it says “The man who does more then he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does“. (between the sheets 😉 )

Wanda Wisdom still has not divulged much about the big surprise that will be announced this Friday. He says this announcement will be huge and will be a big change for his PodCast. This is making me a bit nervous that the show will change and not be as good, but then again perhaps the show will be better then ever. My ears will be glued to my PodCast on Friday morning listening to the big news….

On the Feast of Fools Podcast they interviewed the band “Baby Teeth”. I really like their song “Celebrity Wedding” – it has a cool 70’s vibe to it… You can listen to by clicking on this link “Celebrity Wedding Link“.

This past week I have been obsessed with Prince’s litter box in the camper. With the warmer weather the litter box was not as fresh smelling as I would have liked it. I went out and purchased scented litter box liner and some new litter named “Litter Pearls“. They are little pea-sized absorbent clear silica beads that absorb all of the moisture out of Princes droppings. So far they work great, except for one big problem. Prince likes to play with the round silica pearls. He will remove some from the litter box and then toss them around the camper with his paws. He is having a great time with them… I hope he gets tired of using them as toys because they do a great job and I would like to keep using them.

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