Death in the Park!

So, we are just sitting down to our grilled burgers and cheesy beans from the Weber, and we see Lexington Township’s Rescue van pull into the park. Of course our morbid curiosity forced us to stare out the table window as two more meat wagons, then finally two deputy cars. We couldn’t see a whole lot, other than the neighbors gathering, coming and going. According to Eddie, our neighbor across the street, the victim, with whom we have never met, was working on his car, and it collapsed. He was killed instantly. I don’t know his name, just that he lived in a trailer with his girlfriend, and I am told he was a really nice guy in his mid 40’s, spite the confederate flag that flew from his trailer. In any case, a sad ordeal.

So, needless to say the rest of our day can hardly hold up to that news. I’ll blog about it anyhow. Yes, I know, I’m insensitive…

My day started out pretty good, went around with Phil, our DCSM, and had some decent response from a number of customers. Phil’s a great salesman, and not pushy at all. We decided it would be a good idea to keep a solid presence in the market and make “Rounds” weekly. Hopefully this will have some impact. Results so far are slightly difficult to judge, although I can say our numbers are looking better, even while the rest of the division seems to be pretty sluggish. Time will tell. Of course there is one employee I continue to have problems with. He is basically my equal, and I think feels a bit intimidated by my presence there. He was transfered from our LAW store when the last Part’s Pro left. He took over in that capacity and has failed miserably, mostly in my opinion because of his negative attitude toward the company, and his treatment of employee’s and customers. I’ve complained, and have been given the response “He’s and Idiot, and we will deal with him”. Unfortunately, right now, he is the closest thing to an assistant the store has. No, I will NOT be carrying keys here.

All that said, my morning went well, my afternoon sucked, and I left at 5, and it doesn’t matter till 8:45 tomorrow. It is sorta nice to have a 9-5 type job again.

Derek seems to be getting along fine at the Major Insurance Company, at least he isn’t crabby, yet.

So, off to bed. Have a good night, and happy cheery dreams about strange men laying under cars dying 100 yards from your home.


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