Greetings from a stormy day in Iowa.

Had a nasty line of storms roll through this afternoon but ended up not being too bad.  Did not lose power or have any damage in the neighborhood.  Just lots of rain.  Ended up driving to ice skating lessons in the tail end of it.  All city roads so was no big deal.

Last weekend the weather was nicer out.  We purchased an electric pressure washer for use on the apartment building and motor home.  Went with a Greenworks 1700 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Pressure Washer at a cost of $189.  It comes with 5 different nozzles and two tanks for soap or spray on wax.  It had enough power to get the grime off the RV but not too much that it would strip off the decals.  Only drawback is that you can only apply soap from the two dispensers while using the low pressure nozzle.  No big deal – just apply soap with low pressure, wait a minute then remove with higher pressure nozzle.  The RV really needed to be cleaned, but was surprised that it did not have too many black streaks on it.  Wonder if that is an indication of less pollution in the air, or we just got lucky?  John got up on top of the RV and washed the roof – he said it was quite cruddy. Probably the first time it has been washed since we left Portland, OR.

Pressure washer in action


John finally giving the roof a good scrubbing

Almost done..

We have been living without satellite TV for over a week now.  There’s things we both miss (HGTV, Bravo, USA Network to name a few) but I’ve found new shows to watch on free over the air TV, Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Last week watched the first season of The Paradise and really enjoyed it.  Is about a department store in the early 1900’s with all sorts of drama with the salespeople and management.  Is similar to the Mr. Selfridge show but set in the United States. Now hope seasons 2 and 3 comes to Netflix soon…

Yesterday had the fun of disconnecting all of the Directv’s equipment and putting it in a box they mailed to us.  Will drop it off at the post office tomorrow.  Is nice to have less equipment connected to the TV’s now.  We are still having trouble with some of the over the air TV channels getting all pixelated now and then.  Normally it is ABC, but tonight it was NBC.  Living in the city you would think we would have really good reception.  Will probably play around with moving the antenna to different locations in hopes of finding a sweep spot for reception.

Equipment all boxed up

Finally have a security company lined up to replace the door access system, right after the front door is replaced.  Have Kaufmann Handyman Service installing the door this week (I hope) and then Dakota Security should have the access system installed the following week.  So ready to have this project done and over with.  Without a working doorbell, can’t tell when delivery people are at the front door.

My ice skating adventures continues. Did not have lessons at Buccanner arena on Saturday due to scheduling conflict with a hockey game, but had lessons at Metro Ice today.  Still working on being able to do a 3 turn.  Instructor has me doing some exercises that will help – like skating on just the right foot while going in a circle that keeps getting smaller.  Three turns (right and left foot) is the last element I need before I can test out of level 4.

Also practicing for the “It’s A Small World” club skating show on May 10th.  This show is like a recital for kids to show off their new skating skills to their extended families and friends.  The adult learn to skate class is representing the country of Jamaica and skating to Bob Marly’s song One Love while wearing tie dye t-shirts and shorts.  Ever notice that ice skaters usually perform with not very warm clothes on?  I think it is some sort of cruel joke 🙂 Been having practice sessions Wednesdays at 5:00pm to get the routine down. “Let’s get together and feel all right”.  Been taking a taxi there and then John picks me up on the way home.  Works out OK…

Also preparing for another ice skating competition – this time in Kansas City on the weekend of June 7th for the Heart of America Invitational 2014.  The ice skating club wants lots of its members to attend so off I go..  Believe they get points that helps their standing, or just bragging rights?  This time I’m being judged on a “Light Entertainment – Adult” category.  You are judged more on the entertainment value of the routine then specific skating elements.  Here’s two examples of Light Entertainment I found on YouTube:

Not telling what I’m doing – is going to be a surprise.  It’s not anything like the two videos above.  Have several coaches help put something together that has been stretching my skating ability and may include a little jump or two… Had learn to skate friend, Rich, help me by mixing some music for it.  He was able to take a 3 minute song and reduce it down to 1 minute and 39 seconds – even added some additional sound effects.  Thank you, Rich!!

That’s about it…  Did have a good giggle when I read about how a stash of E.T video game cartridges for the old Atari 2600 video game system was actually found in the New Mexico dessert.  Was an urban legend about how Atari’s ET game was so bad they ended up burying millions of them.  They confirmed there was some truth to the legend:  E.T Found in the New Mexico Landfill

E.T. phone home..

I remember playing the game back in the day.  Think we borrowed it from someone and did not actually own it.  Remember playing it on and off but not really getting too far with it. I was more into Frogger and Pitfall…


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