John and I went out to Noodles for supper tonight. I had the Pasta Fresca with fetta cheese and it was quite tasty.

Kelly got the lowest votes on Idol last evening. I think that next week Elliot or Paris will get the lowest votes.

Tonight I’m updating my resume because CIBER is asking for them. CIBER has received some part time assignments that they hope to fill with their existing consultants.

Wanda Wisdom

Tomorrow (12:00am to be exact) is when Wanda is making his big announcement about the future of Lucky Bitch Radio. Consensus is that he landed a radio deal on Siris or XM radio – but you never know. I will have to wake up early and check out his blog on www.luckybitchradio.com to find out!

Prince is still enjoying playing with the silica beads from his litter box. Today’s mess is not as bad as previous days….

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