The weekend at Lake Carlyle turned out nice. The only stormy weather we had was on Friday night. The rest of the weekend was sunny, but a bit cool – in the lower 60’s… It felt good to sit outside by the campfire. On Saturday we did some hiking and mushroom hunting around the park. We did not find any mushrooms, but it was still fun walking around the woods. We saw some white-tailed deer and some rabbits. Then in the evening there was a pot-luck dinner with lots of delicious food. John made red beans and rice with Chorizo sausage. Then after supper we gathered around a campfire and spent the evening chatting and being social.


Putting on my rollerblades in front of our site.

Here’s some pictures we took:


Visiting with Rich A.


Mushroom hunting...


Hanging out...


Campers lined up to use the dump station on Sunday morning..

Today I slept in until 9:00am and then spent time hanging out with the group having a casual breakfast of danish, fruit and etc. John then worked on getting everything stowed and the truck connected to the RV. We took off around 12:30. John drive 55 most of the way and we stopped at the Petro station in Illinois for fuel. Diesel was 4.299 a gallon and we needed around 20 gallons…. yuck!!

During the trip we noticed that our house batteries are not keeping a charge very long. Right now we have 7 year old 12 volt batteries and John wants to replace them with 6 volt batteries. He is going to do some research and determine how many will fit in the battery bay, which brand to get and etc…. John has a new project to work on 🙂

We made it back to the RV park by 2:00 and had no problems getting the truck disconnected, parked and setup. Shortly after getting setup it started to rain… The rain did not last long. We then meet Perry at 5:00pm at the Four Seasons for supper. I had a seafood dish with crispy fried rice noodles – it was different but tasty – the crispy noodles were really sweet..

Tonight we are watching TV, doing this blog entry and getting ready for work in the morning…..

John will start to make more plans for future camping trips this week – we will probably go camping again in 2 or three weeks….

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