Greetings from a moist Arlington, TX…

Today the Google Home page had the word Google in Morse Code to commemorate the birthday of Samuel Morse. I think it is pretty cool of Google to commemorate his life and accomplishments.

We woke up this morning to a nasty storm – complete with thunder, lightening and pouring rain. The sound of rain on the fiberglass roof of the MoHo can be relaxing but not when it is really coming down. John could not mow the lawn in the rain, so he had the day off and will work on Friday instead. That’s a good plan, except that it is expected to rain most of the week. KOA Adult Daycare (work camping) will have to find some indoor activities for the boys to do this week is my guess….

I had a very busy day at work, which made it go by quickly. I still have lots of small projects that just don’t seem to go away. Just when I think I have them completed – the business owners of them decide that I’ve done such a good job on the list of things to do – they decide that they want even more done… I don’t mind becuase it is relatively fun and easy tasks (doctoring up poorly designed/implemented Notes applications).

The trip to work took me 70 minutes. I heard on the radio that 360 was all backed up with an accident – so I took the non-interstate way on Belt-Line road. That did not work out so well because most of the traffic lights were blinking red due to power outages. Most of the motorists here know how to deal with four way stops and blinking lights and it went relatively well (not like the “it’s all about me motorists in Bay Area of California) and got through them without incident. It still made for slowing going….

The way home only took me 50 minutes – I left at 5:15pm and it seemed like the traffic was not nearly as bad as when I leave at the top of the hour….

Tonight I worked on the programming job that John mentioned – and no I was not being crabby. The project is for some web development and it is actually fun to work on. I’m putting in lots of hours on it so I can get it done before my deadline of the end of next month… Seems like development starts out slow, but keeps building and going faster. The more I have done, the more code I can copy and tweak on other parts of the system….

Not much else going on…. I’m looking forward to watching American Idol tomorrow. I hope Adam continues to do well. It seems like his song choices and performances have been spot on the last few weeks. Hope the trend continues.

Now off to read for a few minutes and fall asleep…

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