Greetings from another sunny but cool day in Milwaukee…

The Feed Jit thing in the right hand column of this blog has a new feature – you can connect it to your Facebook or Twitter account. After it is connected, your pictures shows up in the Feed Jit listing on the blog. Would be cool if readers of the blog would connect it with Facebook so John and I can see who is reading. We always have a feeling that there’s lots more people who check in on us then we realize.

The walk-through of the application with end business owner at work today went well. He pointed out a few things that he wants tweaked, but so far nothing major.. which is good news. Once I get the changes completed he will be demonstrating it to his supervisors and end users to get their feedback. I expect there will be more tweaks during the next month or so before it goes live.

While at work I received an email from John – he is having a crappy day at work. One of the new employees that started on Monday quit today and he is having to deal with a new accident… Not sure when he came home last night, but think it was around 2:00am – this is after he told me at 10:00pm that he will be home by midnight because he was not very busy… something must have come up. The past few days I don’t hear him home come – I just wake up and there he is… it’s a bit freaky….

I spent a few minutes using some spray wax to remove black streaks from the MoHo. They are coming off quite easily because there is a base coat of wax under them. I have about 25% of exterior walls completed. Will do some more the next few nights until completed.

Went and worked out tonight. When I walked in, I heard “Hi, Derek!” – it was the fitness trainer who signed me up. I suspect that he is “family”, but not sure – either way he is a really nice guy… Seems like the older ladies like him and that they are most of his clientele for personal training…. I did 30 minutes of the TBT machine – up to level 10 and it is getting a bit more difficult. I do the “Total Body” program and parts of it makes my legs feel like they are trudging through quicksand….

John also emailed me to let me know that we are all set for our trip to Dayton, OH for the Hamvention. He called the campground to double check that we are all set for arrival on Friday the 14th and leaving on Monday the 17th. I’ve been checking out the conference schedule and they are having some sessions on home brew radios (people who engineer and build their own radio setups) and also on portable radios that are used for communications while backpacking. I’m continuing to study for the Extra exam. I need to hit the studying hard to be ready in a few weeks… There is no charge for the exams at the convention so it will not cost me anything except my pride if I don’t pass….

Right now watching American Idol while washing my workout clothes in the combo washer/dryer in the MoHo. John does not like me to use it, so taking a big risk. If something goes wrong with it, I will be in big trouble. There is no reason for it to break down, but that is usually my luck…. I know that Scott Hicks uses his washer/dryer on a regular basis without incident… so don’t expect any problems myself….

I’m bored with American Idol this year – none of the remaining contestants have much of an excitement factor to me. It seems like the show is just plodding along and going through the motions…. Maybe someone will step up and change my mind, but so far none have…

The Brewers have a home game tonight – playing the Pirates – so more cars then usual across the street at the Park-N-Ride lot. It’s amazing to see how many people walk over from the parking lot to the RV park to try and use the restrooms. They are turned away…. no public restrooms… Last week there was one enterprising RV’er who kept his RV in the Park and Ride lot until the office of the RV park closed for the night. He then would drive over to the RV park and hook up to electricity and water for the evening. Then he would move the RV back to the Park and Ride before the RV park office opened up in the morning. I assume he was not paying rent for a site… Have not seen him around this week…

Not much else going on… going to do more computer stuff for an hour, watch TV and get ready for another day at work….

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