Greetings from a wet Oregon…

Yep – it’s raining again… coming down really hard right now….

John is still recuperating from having three wisdom teeth pulled.  He complains that “my face hurts” and continues to take pain medication.  The swelling has started to go down in his mouth and his stitches feel looser – some progress.  The medicine makes him “feel funny”, lethargic and irritable.  He forgot to take his medicine a few times and the pain came back with a vengeance… Poor John….

I’ve been making him soft foods for supper – last night I prepared some Buitoni Raviolli and tonight he asked for some pea soup.  Also making sure he has ice cream in the fridge.. Poor John…

John received the grades from his three final exams.  He received A’s on all of them and in turn A’s for his final class grades.  The grades were all in the high 90’s.  He emailed his instructors asking to see his final exams so he could see which questions he missed.  Was told that they do not let students have their exams back – so he will never know.  I assume they do not want the exams being published on the web and etc…  His next round of classes starts on Monday – so hope he starts to feel better by then…

Not much else going on.  Heading down the the Lloyd center this evening to practice ice skating for an hour or so…  Going to practice going backwards and lifting one of the legs up…. without falling down…..

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