Greetings from West Des Moines, IA…

We left the St. Louis RV park at 8:00am, stopped for lunch at Little Amana, then at a Flying-J for fuel outside of Des Moines. We pulled into the apartment building at 3:00pm. John reminded me several times that he would have made the trip in only 6 hours if I had not insisted on stopping for lunch. Bragging rights denied 😉

The trip back was uneventful – which is good. We took US-61 out of St. Louis, to IA-27, to US-218 to I-80. This route worked out well with four lane roads the entire trip. Mileage was 7.8 MPG – better then the trip down due to less cross wind. Was a little windy heading across on I-80, but not too bad.

Everything is fine at the apartment building. Tomorrow I need to get some yard work done. Another storm came through a week ago and there’s lots of small branches on the ground from the oak tree. Also want to get flowers planted in front and put some mulch down around them.

Spent 90 minutes unloading the RV and getting the interior cleaned. Lugged things like clothes, perishable food, computer equipment and the cat’s belongings up to the apartment. Cleaning went well because John had things pretty well wiped down while I was at work on Friday. Is nice to be able to the clean the RV and have it stay that way until the next trip. Living in it we would clean then an hour later would need it again…

After spending two weeks in the RV, we appreciate being able to go back home to our “home base”. Felt great to take a long hot shower with full water pressure. The worst part of getting settled back in was having to setup my personal and work computers at my desk. The amount of power cords, usb cables, monitor cables and input devices is just nuts….

The trip was a great success for us. We got to spend time with our St. Louis friends that we have not seen for a few years, spent time with another of my coworkers in person for two weeks and see George and Lynn at the St. Louis RV Park again. Got to spend time working out of a “real office”. It worked out just fine, but will appreciate working from home on Monday. No commute and wearing t-shirt, shorts and no socks while programming is a very good thing…. 🙂

Will be seeing some of our St Louis camping friends later this year at a camping trip we planned with them to Starved Rock State Park in Illinois.

Tomorrow will get laundry caught up, go through the stack of mail, attend ice skating class and believe we are meeting Dave and Mitch for supper. Starting to get back to our somewhat normal routines in Iowa…

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