The weather here is still on the cool side with highs in the lower 50’s. The temps are expected to be back in the 70’s starting tomorrow….

Work is going ok – I was really busy today with support issues. My supervisor is away from the office for a few days, so supporting some databases that I usually do not…. I think some of the end users get a bit testy with me because I ask them more questions then they are used to…. mainly because I’m not familiar with their databases…. For lunch I went to Novak’s and enjoyed a “Bailey Burger”, small order of fries and a diet Doctor Pepper. They were busier then usual with a large group of what I assume were co-workers enjoying a meal together…. After work I did 30 minutes on the tread mill in the fitness center and then headed home….. John had supper ready – some type of Southwestern Skillet dish – it was yummy….

I received the first season of The Love Boat DVD’s in the mail today. I have watched the first three episodes and they have exceeded my expectations.

The Love Boat DVD

It makes me giggle to see the tacky interiors of the boat – light brown paneling, dried flower arrangements, brown shag carpeting and orange furniture. It is also fun to see the various stars on the show – it reminds me of Hollywood Squares… lots of has-beens who needed work…. I’ve not seen Charo on the show yet……

Charo, or Wanda Wisdom, on the Love Boat

My favorite episode is where John Ridder dresses up in drag so he can get the last available room and bunk with a lady. All this so he can spend time with another lady guest that he has the hots for. It was really corny…. and fun… I also find it amazing that every divorced man who goes on the cruise discovers his ex-wife is also on board….

I think John and I could come up with a motor home version of The Love Boat – “The Love Mo-Ho” – we camp at a different RV park each week and follow goofy the adventures of other RV’ers…. exploding black tanks, rv breakdowns, people fighting at 1:00 in the morning, crabby campers, overly happy campers and the lady who brings tainted potato salad to every pot-luck dinner she attends….. there’s lots of possibilities….

John is all tired out tonight – he spent the day doing lots of work around the RV park… and is now firmly planted on the couch. We are both watching American Idol right now…..

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