Hello all, John here, from a still soggy Arlington, TX!

Yes, it is still raining. It was on and off most of the day, but now it is coming down pretty good… So, again, no grass cut in the park, and it is getting quite long…

Al wanted to work on the Manager’s Trailer. . So, we are in transition, our manager David, has been transferred to Louisville, KY. We are currently waiting for the new permanent manager to arrive. Since the trailer was empty, Al wanted to check a few problems with it… Well, one problem in particular… There was a problem with the living room wall. David has a young son, William, who apparently in his childhood glee managed to kick in this living room wall last year. David asked All for some “Spackle” at the time to fix the problem, so no one really thought much about it. Well… Lets just say it wasn’t just a “Spackle” fix, more like a 1/2 sheet a drywall busted out… And of course if you think RV’s are built badly, you just need to look at the inards of our close cousins, mobile homes. So, yesterday we pulled the drywall back and you guessed it, we found water and mold. Fun! Of course, the further we dug the worse it got, and found not only the drywall was bad, but the studs in the wall were rotten, the sill plate, the floor stringers, all the floor insulation was soaked with 8 inches of water in the belly… The further I cut into the floor the worse it got. Of course, it was non standard material, as the floor sheeting and dry wall were odd sizes that had to come from a “Mobile Home Supplier”. Basically I got it tore part today, and put back together as far as it was before we tore into it further. I imagine tomorrow I will have to finish the project. I still need to put in the insulation and put up the drywall, and paint it. My Dad is what many would consider a Master Carpenter… Unfortunately, that trade did not rub off on me, but I did get it done, and it will outlast the remains of that trailer. Carpenter, I am NOT, but then I didn’t see anyone else volunteering better suggestions.

There is a major negative to all this… As the leadership here learns I am able to do more than just mow grass they are giving me more of these little projects to do. There was/is something to be said for just being the lawn boy, and living in my little fifedom with everyone else leaving me alone! Yes, in some ways I am happy to have the variety of work, but on the other side, for what they pay me, I feel like I am “giving” my skills away for little compensation… I have never been good at just saying “No”, and of course I always like to be needed and called upon for help. I guess that is really what this job is about so I should quit whining about it…

More Park Drama… Started yesterday morning. We had a new monthly come in, actually he was parked at the office when we all reported in for work yesterday. He was in a huge (40+ ft), OLD, Crappy Teton 5th Wheel. Ok, I don’t like the idea of parks refusing people because of the age of their units, but I fully embrace a “Well-Maintained” rule at the managers desecration. This thing shouldn’t have been let in, but of course, when you pay people minimum wage, no one wants to be the bad guy and say ‘No’. Frankly, that is an inherent problem with “Work Camping” when there is the lack of a strong leader… In any-case, this thing shouldn’t have been let in. I wouldn’t want to live next to it, so why should anyone else be expected to, and when you let this sort of crap in, it just breeds more, and soon the whole park goes down hill fast. Anyhow, the drama gets better… Apparently, the Teton was sitting somewhere unoccupied for quite a while. It’s new owner wasn’t aware of its roof problems and when he found water running inside, he simply threw a big gray trap over the roof. Yeah, attractive! So, yesterday we went up to check it out, and inform him that he needs to remove the Trap ASAP. Well, he wasn’t there, but we did find a nice little surprise. He has Bee’s! And they weren’t happy. They seemed to be swarming out fo the trailer and into a nearby tree, busy building a new home. We think they are simply Honey Bee’s, but none the less, the residents of the park are freaking out. The office informed the owner that he needed to take care of the problem last evening. Well, he did not. So today we had to get an exterminator out. The rumor is that he will be leaving by Saturday, but the office gossip is that he is now fighting with KOA Corp to stay. We will see how this all works out… Sigh.

Ok, moving on to the Radio… I did make some headway yesterday on getting LogBook of the World (LOTW) set up. It is a on-line logbook that the ARRL sponsors. It enables you to upload your computer log files to be matched with other users of the service. It is a big pain to get setup, but in theory should make confirmation of QSO’s easier. I also setup eQSL, which is a little more streamlined, but it isn’t recognized for confirmation in any ARRL sponsored contests or awards. I still prefer just old fashioned QSL cards, but totally understand why they are fading into the sunset… With postage hikes and jsut the cost of the cards rising it is getting quite expensive to QSL for every contact. Maybe I will change my mind in the future, but right now I feel it is important to do so, I want the cards for my collection, and I also want to keep part of this dying hobby alive.

Well, that is all I have new, I am off to play with the radio and see if I can find some more DX.

Have a good night!


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