Yesterday I went geocaching to the Peachtree Rock Forest Preserve where there was three separate geocaches hidden. There are several rock formations in this park that look like upside down pyramids. I spent three hours walking all over the various trails and managed to find all three of the geocaches. One of the caches was a “multi-cache” where I had to find four smaller caches that finally lead the way to the final large cache. I usually don’t have much luck finding multi-caches, but this time everything worked out!


Peach Tree Rock

Here is some pictures I took while geocaching:


Small waterfall


One of the caches I found

Today it was back to work for the both of us. I had a good day at work – I’m finishing up a website I have been working on for the last week – I should have it completed tomorrow. For lunch I walked over to the mall, had a sandwich from Subway and then walked around. This is the first time I actually checked out the stores in the mall – there is actually more stores then I thought there would be. I should see if there are any geocaches close to where I work that I could go and find during my lunch break.

Not much else going on..

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