I had a long day at work. I had another long list of changes to the main application I’m working on – I hope to get them all done tomorrow…. I had lunch at the company cafeteria, so I did not get outside at all until after I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill….. so it was 6:00pm when I finally got outside…. it was still nice out – in the lower 70’s….

When I made it to the RV, I noticed that John had the grill setup and something was smelling good… John grilled some Omaha Steaks we had in the freezer. The steaks were good, but had a different texture to them – almost flaky… I assume they go through a tenderizing machine… it reminded me a bit of the steak at a cheap steak place – like Ponderosa….. The Blueberry Steak Sauce Wayne and Craig gave us when they visited helped the steaks out…. the sauce was kinda like A1 – only sweeter…

After the supper dishes were cleaned and put away, I got laundry started. Last week I did laundry on Wednesday in preparation for our camping trip. I did them again on Wednesday because we only have enough clothes to last us 7 days….. It was still nice enough to sit outside and read a book while waiting on the laundry… I’m reading “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black.

It is not exactly an easy book to read, but it gives an interesting history of the Hollerith Machine, the early years of the IBM corporation and it’s involvement with supplying Nazi Germany with card reading machines…… I’m only 1/10th done with the book – so I’m sure it will become more depressing to read as I go on…..

I also received two books on Sharepoint 2007 in the mail today. I started reading one of them during my lunch break… I purchased them with gift cards that I received from my Mom for Christmas….

Not much else going on tonight…..

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