Greetings from a nice spring day in West Des Moines!

We finally have some nice weather with temps in the mid-60’s most of the day and sunny.  Was able to have some windows cracked open in the apartment to let some fresh air in while I worked.  After work I was able to go on my first bike ride of the year.  It needs to be at least 55 out for me to ride bike, or it feels too chilly with just a hoodie on.  The landscape along the trail is still brown and bleak with just a hint of green grass starting to come up.


Bike trail around Raccoon Lake today

So this will be the start of my daily bike rides.  Going to just take the trail that goes around Raccoon Lake for the first week so I get used to biking again.  My legs are telling me that I have not been on a bike for 5 months.  Next fall I’m going to get a gym membership so I can keep exercising after bike season is done.  Ice skating does help, but this year had to deal with new skates and sore feet – something that is now under control

Now that John is working, I’m able to purchase a few “nice to have”, but not essential items.  First item was a Cuisinart 11-Cup Pro Custom 11 Food processor.  Obtained it from a deal listed on Brad’s Deals for $89.00.  Came with three different blades and the dough hook – everything I wanted.  Tonight used it to make Japanese Meat Dish with Ramon noodles, hamburger, onions, carrots and cabbage.  My mom talked about making this last weekend, so gave it a try.  It turned out pretty good and, most importantly, John liked it.


Getting supper ready

This week one of my co-workers gave notice that they have found a new job and left the bank immediately.  Not sure that is the best career move, but oh well..  Now we are having to deal with several half done projects….  Hope we find a decent replacement soon…

This evening I need to log into work at 9:30pm because we have a major Lotus Notes application being moved to a new server.  The new server runs a more modern version of Notes and has faster hardware.  The move should be a “non-event” and I hope to be done with my part by 10:00pm.  Users should see a decent performance improvement.  If this goes bad it could impact several hundred users in the morning…. and I’m “on call” this week…

Not much else going on… Heading off to play MineCraft – my new computer vice… Jet was playing it on his iPod Touch last weekend and I was like – “That’s pretty cool”…. now can’t get enough of playing….

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