Greetings from a bright and sunny Portland…..

Bright and sunny for the moment at least….  On the way to work it was overcast and rainy, but things steadily improved during the day.  Right now at 4:23pm it is 51 out.  John was able to have the MoHo door open for a bit – much to Prince’s liking.

Had skating lessons last night.  John stayed home while I went by myself to the mall.  Had a really good lesson – practiced doing forward crossovers and skating backwards.  I have the crossovers down pretty good – now trying to break the habit of looking down at my skates when I do them.  Starting to be able to skate backwards. Was able to go across the rink backwards for the first time.  Next week is the last class for this “semester” where we will receive our report cards and certificates.  I went ahead and signed up for the next seven weeks taking the same “Adult 2 & 3” class.  I like getting out and doing something once a week along and it is good exercise.  I can really feel it in my legs the day after lessons.  The next semester I will concentrate on backwards skating..  I asked John what category the cost of ice skating classes should go into – he said “Entertainment”….

John continues to work on submitting scholarship applications.  Filling them out is about as much fun as completing job applications.  John thinks some of the “scholarships” are scams used to get the email addresses of poor students that they sell to spammers.

My work week is going good.  The new employee orientation on Monday was boring – sat and listened to trainer read word for word from power point presentation and then watch two short movies about the company.

Not much else on.  Still playing World of Warcraft – my dude is up to level 44.  With John being sick last weekend I was able to get lots of game time in.  I joined a guild in the game – it is called “Squirrels Gone Crazy” – thought the name was cute so went with them.  The guild helps you in the game, gives you someone to do raids with and friends to chat with.  Seems harmless enough.  

Warcraft costs $15.00 a month to play.  I asked John what category it is budgeted for… he said “Entertainment”.  Our entertainment budget is $100.00 a month – so think I’m getting close to blowing the budget for this month….

I’m off to watch this weeks RuPaul’s Drag Race – I look forward to it each week – especially the untucked shows where the queens get all shady towards each other.  Ru has been getting some big names on he show like Lily Tomlin, Vanessa Williams and Bruce Villanch.  She also has her old sidekick Michelle Visage on.  Michelle was her cohost of the ‘RuPaul show on VH1.  Here’s a clip of the old show when Tammy Faye Baker was on:

Off to watch the new show… think some hazelnut coffee will go good with the show… Ohh-Kayy…

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