Happy Valentines Day!

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John got me a nice valentines day card that says “Lucky me, to be in love with my best friend.” on the front of it and a box of candy…. Warm Fuzzies!

At work there was lots of Valentines Day cheer with coworkers – some got flowers or balloons delivered, some wore special red shirts and there was cookies and candy around. My work day went well. Did not have any major issues with the major application upgrade that went in over the weekend. Only had to deal with some minor tweaks that should be moved in tonight and ready to go by morning. Received some nice emails thanking me for working the weekend to get’er done…. Good news about working the weekend is that now I have two comp. days that I can use. One will be next Tuesday when we head up to Seattle for a little mini-vacation.

John did my taxes over the weekend. Received notice today that the state return needed to be modified and resent. Probably because of tax laws being set to late in the year…. With some luck should get decent refund in a few weeks….. maybe…. Having a bit of a run-around at work over taxes. I’m considered an Oregon resident and having to pay Oregon state taxes which are like 3% higher then Wisconsin… Still trying to get them to change it… but with paycheck coming this week I doubt they will… but still trying…..

John was able to get a replacement audio amplifier ordered to fix the one that burned up yesterday. He called a major Winnebago dealer in the midwest and they advised him that there was a newer model amplifier that he could go with. The newer model has true surround sound and will require some rewiring. John got to the point of ordering it and the dealer wanted $450.00 for it. John thought that was way too high, so he go off the phone with them and called the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer was able to sell him one direct for around $130.00 – with some additional plugs, adapters and shipping it will be close to $200.00 – still better then what dealer needed… John will be busy when it arrives trying to figure out how to get it to work…. if he can…. says he may need to install additional speakers…..

Not much else going on. Dinner is almost ready – need to get computer put away and the table set… Made wild mushroom and leek soup from a mix we bought at Harry & David last month… it smells good… then it is off to the ice rink for skating lessons. I get my report card and certificate tonight – last class on this semester.

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