Greetings from a rainy then sunny, then rainy Portland, OR…. We are winding down after a nice weekend.  Just got back from a quick supper from Burgerville – a local fast food restaurant.  They have around 80 locations located within 100 miles of the Portland area.  They have a delish rosemary chicken sandwich that is not deep fried.  All of their food is raised locally from sustainable sources.  They compost all of their waste, send their canola oil off to be converted to biodiesel and only use wind power for electricity.  Their food is not overly expensive – our meals were $8.39 each. On Saturday we did a bunch of running around.  After breakfast at Shari’s, we drove downtown and checked out the Saturday Market.  I was hoping to find a shirt “with a bird on it”, but did not have much luck.  One vendor did have some, but they were only on Women’s t-shirts.  The rest of the market has cool things to look at – lots of tourist trinkets, jewelry and candles.  They do have lots of varied food booths that smell really good – but each time we go it’s after we have already eaten…. Our next stop was to the Portland Art Museum.  Cost us $12.00 each admission – thought it was a bit expensive, but they did have a nice collection.


John perusing.....

We then spent two hours wandering the galleries in two buildings.  One building was the older collections, then the other was the contemporary.  They had some nice paintings of Mt. Hood done in the 1800’s that I thought were pretty.  Here’s one from Albert Bierstadt done in 1869:

Mt Hood painting by Albert Bierstadt

The contemporary building was newer and made a nice backdrop for the art.


View of stormy skies from the contemporary side of museum


John waiting for me outside

Our next stop was to Fry’s Electronics for our monthly visit.  John was hoping to find a Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 adapter so he can connect external hard drive to the Firewire 400 adapter on his new monitor.    They had some adapter cables, but did not have the right gender of connector and they did not have any way to change it….  so struck out.. but managed to find $35.00 worth of mouse pads, screen cleaners and iPod cables that we just could not live without 🙂

On the way back from Fry’s we stopped in at a Sweet Tomato’s for lunch. Had a yummy salad with lots of side items.  One of the workers was on break and having lunch and commented on how good my ice cream dessert looked… Took a brownie and topped it with a mound of frozen yogurt and then sprinkled with crumbled Oreo…  not healthy but was such a yummy treat!

Today I did laundry…. lots of it because I washed all of the bedding.  Decided to try using the larger laundry room at the back of the rv park and it worked out well.  Was able to wash and then dry all six loads at the same time.  Outside the laundry room there is a hot tub and I was surprised to see several couples using it in the cool rainy weather.  Could see lots of steam coming from it so must have been warm.

After getting back from supper the rain let up and the sun was shining – so took the opportunity to go on a 30 minutes bike ride around the park.  Was a bit chilly but felt good to get the exercise.  Have a pair of mechanics gloves that work well to keep my hands warm.

Not much else going on…. going to play Warcraft for a bit as a way to relax and get ready for another exciting week of work.

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