Greetings from a sunny but cool Oregon…

Was sunny and dry out today – expected to be the same tomorrow but then back to wet rainy weather over the weekend. Been lucky and have able to go on a 30 minute bike ride around the park around 5:00pm each evening. Last night it started to rain about 20 minutes into my ride, but made it through the last 10 minutes.

One of my coworkers reminds me each day that it is usually much nicer here this time of the year. They blame me for brining the crappy weather here. Yesterday when I left work at 4:00pm a hail storm was just ending. Little pea size hail was all over the ground – here’s a pic I snapped:


Little white hail stones in the landscaping

My hard work the past week at work is starting to pay off and I’m starting to finally get ahead. Have several projects being moved into production next week and expect to have some new projects assigned to me… hope I get something fun to work on…. Next week I’m “on call” – which means it is my turn to work on all of the help desk tickets that come in and reply to emails sent to our groups shared mailbox. This is something I will need to do every 6 or 7 weeks. I will need to provide support from 7am until 7pm…. not sure if that is central or pacific time…. should find that out….

The local televisions stations have been running some pro gay marriage ads paid for by Basic Rights Oregon. Here’s one of them:

You can check out the Marriage Matters Oregon website for more information.

Oregon and Washington State both have domestic partnerships but need to pass a statewide constitution amendment to okay gay marriage – something that is being considered for the 2012 ballot. If full marriage passes in Oregon, we might need to reconsider having Wisconsin as our “home state”.

So I’m into old “retro” computers. Back in the 1980’s the Commodore company had a big following with their Vic-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga computers. The Commodore company is back in business and is releasing new models. I really want the new “Commodore 64” – it is basically a PC built inside of a new Commodore 64 case. You can also run it in full emulation mode to run the old C-64 programs. It also comes with “Commodore OS” – a customized version of Linux that runs both Commodore 64 and Amiga programs. Here’s a pic of it:

New Commodore 64 computer - looks like the one from the 1980's

Here is their “launch video” for it:

I really want one, but wonder if it is a late April fools joke…. can pre-order from Commodore USA for around $600.00. John tells me no – I can’t order it… while sitting in front of his Apple laptop, apple monitor, ham radio equipment, label printer and 16 port USB hub. Don’t think he has much say in the situation 🙂

Not much else going on…. still need to watch this week’s RuPaul’s drag race… then play Warcraft for a bit – made it to level 64 last night….

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