Greetings from a humid evening in Iowa.

The temps got into the mid-70’s today, and it is still 70 out at 8:00pm.  We are expecting thunderstorms and rain later this evening.  Hope we don’t get any bad storms, but we could use the rain.  Believe it rained a little last night because the pavement was wet when I woke up.

Have been able to go on bike rides for the last 5 days.  Been going on the gravel path around Raccoon Lake in the evening. Still dealing with a sore butt after riding, but seems to be getting better.  Next week will start going around the lake twice – kinda easing into riding again.  By May hope to be back to my 90 minute rides to Gray’s Lake.  The worst part about biking in the spring is pedaling against the strong winds.  Probably will not be able to bike tomorrow due to rain scheduled for the area.

Last Saturday I decided to get the Jeep cleaned up along with my bike.  Started out with a trip to K-Mart for cleaning supplies, new steering wheel cover, new bucket seat covers and a few accessories for my bike.  It needed a new odometer and bell.  Then took the Jeep to the local car wash for vacuum the interior and wash the exterior.  It was pretty nasty due to the winter grime and John eating lunch in it daily.  Then went home and scrubbed the interior with some lemon scented 409 spray, followed up with some armor all cleaning wipes, followed up with armor all protection wipes.  Then removed the old steering wheel and bucket seat covers and installed new ones.  Topped it off with an air fresher attached to one of the ac vents.  Looks and smells much better.  I want to get the Jeep on a weekly cleaning routine so I don’t have do deal with that degree of nasty again.

Then cleaned up my bike and used the protection wipes on it so it is nice and shiny now.  Then installed the odometer and bell.


New accessories on bike

Several groups of old ladies on the trails yell at me if I don’t use the bell before I go past them, plus  lots of dog walkers take up the who path – so ring the bell to pass…. Many of the “lycra wonder” bike riders have the little round external speakers connected to their iPhones blaring distorted music so people hear them coming without any interaction on their part.  Kinda spoils the quiet nature walks….

On Sunday morning John drove the motor home over to the Des Moines Freightliner dealer for routine maintenance and to fix the sensor that causes alarm to buzz on the dashboard.  I drove the Jeep behind – easier then towing it for such a short trip.  They are located in Altoona, IA close to Advertureland and the Bass Pro Mega  Store.  Was an easy drive.  They should have it done by Wednesday.  Will be interesting to see how expensive this will end up being.  John said it could end up being in the $1200.00 range – depending on exactly what needs to be done.  The fun part of owning a diesel motor home….

On Sunday afternoon we went out to Dave and Mitch’s place. Was our first time seeing them since they arrived back in town.  Was warm enough to sit outside on the front patio and enjoy the weather along with Don and Troy..  Mitch whipped up some chicken fajitas for supper.  Was delish….


Deer passing through the yard (taken through window screen)


The dogs... Nina (black/grey), Campbell (while), Molly(red neckerchief) & Major(tall/tan)

The “major application move” I had at work last week went well.  Only had a minor issue when a server the application references went down due to a run-away java agent.  Problem was quickly resolved and that was that.  Seemed a bit anti-climatic after planning and testing for the prior three months.  Guess that comes with having 17+ years of experience with this… 🙂

Not much else going on.  Going to play MineCraft for a bit, watch some TV and head to bed a 10:00pm.  Once in bed I usually surf the web for 20 minutes before calling it a night.  Always check to see if there’s any new Bigfoot Reports on the BFRO website.  It’s fun to read people’s encounters with the big furry beast.

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