Hi All, John here.

Yes, it is 10AM and I have nothing I have to get done, so I am doing a blog post, and largely just screwing off today!

Not that this actually helps anyone, but I am sure some of you have noticed that www.johnandderek.com hasn’t been working.  Well, we let the name lapse (and no one contacted us grrr..)  So we have been in the process of getting it back.  The name are still registered with Blue Domino, which has become a bit of a joke to deal with.  Derek thought it was taken care of, but something obviously is still not right.  In the meantime, use www.DerekEtnyre.com.

I finished my finals Monday.  I do like DeVry’s short sessions, while they take a lot of effort because it is so accelerated, it is nice to be done with each session in only 8 weeks.  It also helps with my extremely short attention span, as there really isn’t a whole lot of time for me to loose interest!  So, I took my BIS245 (Access) final on Saturday, and MATH221 (Stats) on Monday.  I would have normally taken the math one Sunday, but Derek wanted to go to the AirShow, and one of the professors had a review lecture scheduled for Sunday Night, so I wanted to see that.

Not entirely sure how I did, but my grades up to this point were decent.  All of DeVry’s undergrad classes are done a point system.  Each course is 1000 points, and then each assignment broken down according to the course.  Pretty standard Scale, as an A is 1000-900 points, or 90% overall, a B is 899-800 points, or 89%-80%, a C is 799-700 points, or 79%-70%, a D is 699-600 points or 69%-60%, and an F is 599 or below, or 59% or below.  I do like how grades are very accessible, and posted in the eCollege grade book, there is no excuse to not know where you stand.  Going into the final, I knew I passed both classes.  BIS245, I had earned 722 of 730 possible so far, for a 98.9%.  This class has a 270 point final, so I knew that to receive an A in this class I would need to score at least 178 points, or 65.93% on the final.  I am pretty confident I did, but I never like to over reach what I know…  The Math class was similar, I earned 742 points of 750 possible so far, with a 250 point final, I will need 158 points, or 63.2% on the final to receive an A for that class.

DeVry also has a “tracker” that allows you to see how much time you spend logged into eCollege.  I was a little surprised to see how much time I spent on school this last session.  I knew it would be more, as both classes were more “technically” involved, and much more objective than some others I have taken so far.  The Math class has been my highest weekly average so far, with an 8 week average of 24.6 hours a week.  Keep in mind this only includes time logged into eCollege.  I would guess I spend a minimum of an additional 4 to 5 hours a week just reading, not being logged in, but I do not track that at all.  The Access class averaged 20.32 hours per week, which is a little higher, but much closer to the mean so far. So, with a little luck I should have met the requirements for an A in both classes.  If I didn’t I will no doubt be devastated and fall into a year long depression cycle.  😛

Still no concrete words on the DesMoines building yet.  I left a voice mail for our loan officer, but of course she has not called me back.  I hate waiting, and I hate not knowing even more.

Really that is all I have… See ya soon!





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