Happy Mother’s Day!

Thought that was a cute card.  My mom has three sons so it seemed somewhat appropriate… Gave Mom a call this evening and she was happy with the flowers I ordered from Country Orchids in Fulton, IL.  Have ordered from them for the past few years and they always do a nice job.  Some years I order “boxed cut” flowers so Mom can use one of her own vases, but this year I changed things up and had them delivered in as vase.  She said it was really nice 🙂

Weather has been getting a bit better.  On Saturday is was bright and sunny and in the lower 60’s, but with a steady chilly wind.  Went for a bike ride in the wind, which was fine until having to pedal against it on the way home.  Today there was not much wind, but will in the lower 60’s – was a much nicer day to ride bike around the Raccoon Lake – twice.

We thought about going camping this weekend, but did not.  Main problem is that when John gets done with work on Friday he is tired and mentally wore down from work.  Dealing with the RV is the last thing he feels like doing….. Doubt that will change anytime soon.  He likes his job, but they have him running all around town to different clients most of the day taking care of computer problems/installation…  By the time he makes it home at 6:00pm, he is tired of running around… and wants to stay home a relax..

On Saturday I spent a few more hours at the Animal Rescue. Since it was cold and windy outside, it gave me something to go and do away from the apartment. I worked in both the cat and dog areas.  Started in the cat area, then went to the dog area when I saw they did not have any volunteers there.  I helped to adopt two dogs and then three cats.  Two of the cats were 2 year old “bonded buddies” that were adopted together, then the last one was a 8 week old black kitten that was sooo cute.  It is definitely “kitten season” with more of the little guys then I’ve seen before.  Some of the little ones are not overly friendly – they hiss and swat at you if you try to pet them.  I try to work with them a little to see if they can become a bit more friendly towards people.  Is amazing what a few liver treats can do for their disposition 🙂

The Animal Rescue now has a “Kitty Cam” where you can log in over the internet and play with a room full of cats.  Here is the link to it:  KCCI Kitty Cam.  It has three different toys you can turn on and you can move the camera around the room.  They rotate the cats in this room – seems like after awhile they start to ignore the internet driven toys.  When I volunteer I go to this room to play with the cats and to be seen online.  Why not…. 🙂

Picture I took with the Kitty Cam

Finally went to skate on the synthetic ice at Southridge Mall.  It is like being on a large plastic cutting board lightly coated in a greasy silicone spray.  Had a lesson there on Thursday evening where I ended up falling several times while getting used to it.  The plastic is not very forgiving with the toe pick.  On real ice you can drag the toe pick in the ice a little bit and the ice will shave away – no big deal.  On the plastic there is not much give – so down you go… quickly…

After an hour started to feel more comfortable doing some of the half-way more advanced moves and etc.  You really get a workout because you have to push harder and you do not glide as far as on real ice.  Takes lots more energy to glide for any distance.  Can really feel it in my legs this evening.  Southridge Mall itself is not very nice.  As part of a revitalization plan, they are turning several of the empty stores into sports training centers.  They have one for soccer and one for baseball where a team was practicing their batting skills Thursday evening with pitching machines.   Is an interesting way to get more people to the blighted mall.  I will continue to go for ice skating there during the summer because the guy who runs the place, Burton, is one of the best skating coaches in the state.  He is doing all of the lessons himself at first – so it is a cheap/easy way to get some really good practice sessions with him.

Downside of the synthetic ice is that the rink is not cold – so my usual skating wardrobe of jeans and some type of hoodie is not going to work.  Don’t like the way black figure skates look with shorts, so will have to figure something out that looks decent but is not too warm…. Don’t want to end up a sweaty mess each time I go….

Not much else going on… my eyes are tired and it is past 10:00pm – going to head to bed, read for a few minutes and call it a night…


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