Greetings from New Paris, OH…..

The trip from Milwaukee to the campground went as expected – no major problems. There was some minor issues that we are still working through. John spilled a glass of Walmart tea all over himself and the Yaesu ham radio installed on the driver side wall by his seat – the radio kinda sorta works except it acts like some liquid got into some of the buttons. Also are having problems with the Jeep Liberty – sometimes it does not start when you turn the key. The pump for the windshield wiper fluid on the MoHo is not working – John thinks it is burned out….

Right now John has the ham radio apart and is trying to use a can of compressed air on the problem buttons…. He seems crabby so my guess is that it is still not working….

The overall fuel mileage for the trip was 7.5 mpg – low due to the heavy crosswind. Before the wind started up was getting around 8.5…. Not too bad with a vehicle in tow….


Heading towards the Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee. It was raining and really overcast out...

Here’s some pictures I took during the trip today:


Heading through Chicago - you can see the downtown skyline through the mist in the distance... Not raining as much...


Going through Indianapolis... rain is done and it was starting to get sunny...

The campground we are at seems nice, but you can tell they have had lots of rain – the ground is a soggy and muddy…. Seems like most of the people staying here are ham radio guys – judging by the assortment of antennas on their vehicles. The WiFi here is usable – have a full signal and sometimes it is quite snappy, and other times I have to stop the browser and tell it to try again before it works… Can’t complain too much because it is included at no additional charge… It worked well enough to do blog posting and upload the pictures.

The plan for tomorrow is for John to take the Jeep to a local dealership and get the ignition problem fixed, then head into Dayton (20 miles away) and check out the convention. There is no parking at the convention itself, you have to use off site parking and shuttle buses. So we will be heading to a parking lot that is close to a Mall in Dayton and catching a shuttle bus. Does not seem like the best arrangement if you purchase something big and heavy. We will also be meeting up with the RARA group tomorrow and on Saturday for group meeting and banquet…..

The weather is expected to be rainy most of the day Friday, but nice on Saturday – so should be able to get at least one day of tail gating in….. John has alreay warned me about buying “junque” – I’m ignoring him…. my hearing is not as good as it used to be 😉

That’s about it… will take some pictures of the campground tomorrow along with the convention… Think it is going to be a long day tomorrow – so not sure if will get home in time to do a posting, or not….

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