Greetings from Texas….

Yep, it rained again this morning…. a storm came through where I work in Irving, TX, but John said that it did not come through Arlington… 16 miles south…. There was lots of thunder and sharp lightening…

John’s ham radio power supply still has not arrived. The vendor is not telling John when it was shipped, but he sent a tracking number for FedEx. The tracking number has not showed up in their system yet…. It appears that the vendor waited a few days before sending it…. John’s not amused… he’s not very patient when waiting for items he purchased online….

I’m progressing nicely on my side project. Just when I think I have it almost done, I find more to do… With some luck I should have it completed on Saturday – at least done enough for the end users to start testing it.

My .mac Mobile Me account expires tomorrow. I was thinking about not renewing it, but it has been working well over the last few months. I like how it keeps my email synched across the two mac computers and online email access. So if I move an email to the junk folder (for example), the same action is performed on both computers – seems like a small thing, but it is handy….

Our neighbor, Victoria, send me some nice pictures of John in his work clothes (yellow KOA t-shirt and yellow floppy hat), but John has forbidden me from posting them. I think he looks cute all butch, tan and yellow…. I would post them anyway, but I have to live with him…..

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday – I usually work enough extra time earlier in the week so I can leave a little early… it’s a nice way to start the weekend. Starting next week the place I work at begins “Summer Hours”. Employees can work 9 hour days Monday – Thursday and then leave at noon on Friday.. I have a suspicion that most people don’t actually put in 9 hour days and leave early anyway…. I’m not planning on doing the summer hours myself – it will be nice to have the Friday afternoons be quiet – will be just me and the other poor consultants….

Not much else going on…. off to watch CSI, read the cat book and fall asleep…..

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