Greetings from New Paris, OH….

Our day did not go exactly as planned but ended well.

John got up early and took the Jeep into the dealership here to have them look at the ignition system. Ironically the Jeep started right up for him when he left… The dealership spent several hours running some diagnostics and trying to find the problem. One of the big problems John is running into is that there’s not very many diesel Jeep Liberties made. The mechanic working on it today had only seen one other… After 3 hours of testing it has been diagnosed as being a computer (PCM) problem and the Jeep’s main computer needs to be replaced. The good news is that this is still under warranty and will not cost us anything…. probably… The bad news is that they need to order one, and it will not arrive until Monday morning…. So on Monday we may not get started back until early afternoon or later….

With the Jeep out of commission we went ahead and rented a car from the dealership. John called Enterprise and they could rent us a car a little bit cheaper, but could not pick us up until 4:00pm…. We got the car rented and made it to the hamfest by 4:00pm. Things were starting to wind down, but we purchased tickets and walked around the conference halls and outside tailgating area. Did not find anything that I could not live without tonight (John was following me), but have some ideas of stuff to look at tomorrow. One vendor had several Enigma machines for sale that were cool tool look at, but price tag was around 90,000… so out of my budget. Also saw a cool Zenith Transoceanic radio that was made for the military – had a green canvas cover instead of the black covers most of them have… but was priced at $1,300 – more then I wanted to spend on it…

Around 5:45pm we headed to the hospitality room at the hotel the other RARA members are staying at. It was nice to see some of the hams we meet in Texas and finally get to meet other members in person. We’ve spoke to many of them on the radio, so was nice to put a face to the voice. We then headed with the group to a local Mexican restaurant nearby for a yummy supper. I have a vegetarian burrito along with more chips and salsa then I would like to admit to….

The weather today was great – got into the 70’s with sunny skies and best of all – no rain. Tomorrow the forecast is for the same… no rain in site…. yeah!!

We made it back to the campground by 10:00 EST – and now I’m doing this posting. I did take some pictures, but the park’s wifi is up and down and really slow – so I’m typing this on my computer and may have to use the iPhone to upload it….

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