Since John’s posting was not exactly bright and happy – I decided that the blog needs some dancing hamsters!! Everyone dance along…. I’m still not sure why John has become a grump in the last few months…. Perhaps he is a product of his environment working at the RV park. Perhaps his favorite vices are altering his mood… perhaps it is the long winter and now the wet spring… who knows… he does not seem depressed – just grumpy….

Once again, my work day went by really fast – the application that went into Production on Monday is still having lots of changes made to it. Most of the changes I made today were to help improve how fast it runs when it has a slow network connection. I consolidated some lookups so one lookup is bringing back data for several fields and etc… I expect to have all of hte outstanding changes done tomorrow….

My toe is starting to feel better – it only hurts when I walk and flex it… so I expect to go back to working out afterwork next week…. I think I will purchase some new music videos and a movie to watch while working it….

I’ve been looking for some local IT training for SharePoint. I contacted the local New Horizons training center and they send me a list of 8 different classes they offer. Their classes are self-study at their training center. You go in for three hours at a time and go through the training book. I like how I can go in after work from 6:00pm to 9:00pm – so I called and signed up for SharePoint Designer Level 1 and planned to start next Wednesday. Then I received an email from the training coordinator letting me know that the list of classes they sent me are not available yet – and they are not sure when they will be, but they will let me know…. so this has me a bit depressed. I want to get some training in as a good resume builder….. Now I’m thinking about taking some basic .Net Visual Basic classes – I used Visual Basic back in the late 90’s… but I’m sure lots has changed….

We watched American Idol last night and it was very predictable with Dave and David being the top two….. My guess is that David Archuleta will be with winner – but who knows. He seems like he would be at home performing on Teen Disney….. I’m not exactly looking forward to a 3 or 4 hour finale next week…. it’s amazing to see how long they can stretch out a show about almost nothing….

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