I had a good day at work. Went out for Sushi with my managers and several co-workers. I had two different types of rolls – California and one with Crab. Both were good. The programming change I was hoping would make it into Production today did not. The end users and testers are not done testing it due to problems with file locking. I’m sure it will go next week.

I have training tomorrow morning at, where else, “The Training Center”. This is some sort of mandatory training for our department, I believe it goes over basic procedures…. I’m sure it will be real and fun, but not real fun…

Since I went out for lunch, I did not get to go walking around the mall. When I got home I only had around 2500 steps taken for the day on the pedometer, so I went for a long walk on a sidewalk. I walked until it ended and returned. By the time I got back to the motor home I had 7260 steps in. This is what my progress looks like now:
I listen to music and podcasts on the iPod while I walk so the time goes by quickly. Now I want to purchase some new clothes to wear while walking…..

Jonathan Alter has an interesting article on MSNBC: Don’t Believe the Falwell Hype. His article gives a reality check on exactly what Jerry Falwell accomplished in his lifetime – complete with Falwell deeming the purple Teletubby to be gay and a bad influence on children. He says that “The truth about the Rev. Jerry Falwell is that he was a character assassin and hype artist who left little positive impact on the United States—and little negative impact either, for that matter. Besides founding Liberty University, he won’t be remembered as nearly as influential as he’s made out to be.” I’m sure the same will be said of President Bush (either one) some day. I can’t wait until Bush is out of office and we can find out all the juicy details about what an evil bastard of a President he was.

I’m looking forwad to watching Idol tonight. The show is getting a bit ridiculous with taking a full hour to get rid of a single contestant. I’m afraid that Blake will be the one with the fewest votes tonight, but I hope not. I think that Blake, Melinda and Jordan are all very good and any one of them would make a good winner. I think that Blake would put out an album of the most interest to me. I think Jordan would be boring to listen to – probably like Hilary Duff and I can’t picture Melinda being overly original or entertaining. At this point, it is almost not important who wins because the top 10 contestants will be going on tour and get lots of exposure. Any of them could go on to have a good career in music…

Melinda, Blake and Jordan

I made it through 10 times to Blake’s 866 number – I hope it will be enough to keep him in the bottom two…. Several other bloggers are predicting that Jordon will be the one who is voted off tonight, I hope they are right…..

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