Hello all, John here.

Thank all of you for your very kind and supportive words regarding Perry. I think Derek and I are still in shock about it…

I wanted to fill in some of the events from yesterday as I decided it wasn’t so appropriate to clutter up yesterdays news with trivial bits. Friday started as what I thought was going to be finally a nice day off. I got moving early since Ed and his wife Gale wanted to get on the road early as they were headed back to Nevada to see Gale’s doctor. I really liked them, and Ed was a hard worker here at the park. He and Gale will be missed here. I saw them off, and then stopped up in the office to pickup my check and get the daily gossip from the staff. That was mistake one for the day as I was afraid of… Al pulled me aside and wanted to discuss work schedule. The good news is they have hired another couple to replace Ed and Gale, and that he will be utilizing me on more maintenance related projects vs. just mowing. The bad news is that next week I have to work a 40 hour week, which sounds like might be a permanent ordeal. I sort of like my short week, and for what I get paid, the day off is more important to me, but I will be a “Team Player” for now, and if it gets to me too much I will just say no, which is something that is always difficult for me to do.

My Project for the day was I wanted to change the Shower basin, or the drain. Ours was really corroded up badly, and I broke the stopper part of it last week when attempting to unscrew it to clean it out. The good news there was that it is a common part available at Lowes, The bad news is that there isn’t much access to it, so I had to find a 2 1/6 inch socket to take off the retaining nut on the bottom. I ended up with a full set of 3/4 inch drive sockets from Northern tool, which was cheaper than the individual sockets… Yes, they are “Occasional Use” tools, but for the very few times I will ever use 2 inch plus sized sockets they will be just good enough. Once I returned, I still couldn’t get the damn nut off since it appeared to be corroded to the fitting. I ended up “dremelling” the top collar off and then dropping it through the hole, which is what I should have done to begin with instead of running around all day looking for the socket… Sigh. I will keep the set just in case, especially since I didn’t pay much for them. I managed to get it half way installed when I got the call from Rich about Perry. Of course that set me in my crappy mood. I did finish it and it doesn’t appear to be leaking, which is good.

We ordered Pizza last night, and just sort of hung out watching nothing important on TV. I didn’t sleep well, and was up about 5:00 this AM.

I made Derek breakfast, and then we set out to the local mall since he needed to replace a work shirt that he wore the elbows through on. We also found Columbia rain coats on sale at JC Penny for $6.97 each, but on clearance buy one and get the other 1/2 off. We also found the shirt he wanted Buy one get the next for .99 cents. We tromped through the mall for a bit then headed back home in the rain.

Derek spent the rest of the day working on his project, and I played on the net and filled out some QSL cards I need to get out. I made a Guatemala contact a while back and I want to get the card out so I can get a confirmation back.

The weather has now cleared off and it is supposed to cool off considerably tonight. I guess tomorrow will be laundry and cleaning day, so far we don’t have much else planned. We might take a drive and try to see somehting in the area.

So, that’s about it… Nothing too exciting.

Have a good night.


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