I had a busy day today. We meet Perry and Paul at Chris’s for breakfast. At first we were not expecting Paul, but he called us shortly after we ordered and said he would be on his way. We ordered his usual breakfast and it arrived shortly after he arrived. After breakfast we drove back to the RV park and then I drove over to the Soulard Market to do some grocery shopping. I picked up some veggies (asparagus, turnips, onions, potatoes and carrots) along with some beef sausages and stew meat. The market was very busy – I had to constantly wade through a sea of people to check out all of the different vendors. I think only the asparagus was locally grown.

After I got all of my purchases put away, I got laundry started and then went to the ghetto Walgreen’s to get John some medicine for this sore throat. He blames me for getting him sick again… which I probably did… The Walgreen’s is actually a nice newer store – but is not in the best neighborhood – corner of Grand and Page. I ended up getting $26.00 worth of Nyquill, throat spray, ice cream and cough drops for him.

I made it back to the campground in time to move the four loads of laundry from the washers to the dryers. I then waited 15 minutes and put three loads of towels and bedding in the washing machines. The 15 minute delay will end the washing cycle about the same time the clothes are done in the dryers. Washing machines take 30 minutes, dryers take 45 minutes….

So by 3:30pm I was done with laundry, got everything put away and the bed made.


Prince curled up and enjoying his nap.

Prince spent most of the day sleeping and John spent an hour helping to paint the interior of the swimming pool and then he took a nice long nap.

Then at 4:30pm we drove over to Perry’s house for supper. He prepared a four pound pork tenderloin outside on the grill along with baked potatoes, bread and corn. The pork was marinated in a lemon pepper sauce that gave it lots of flavor. We brought a German chocolate cake for dessert. The weather was lovely – so we were able to spend time hanging out with Perry and Zeke on the back deck. It was nice to get away from the RV for an evening and spending time with Perry and Zeke. Here’s a few pictures I took:







When we made it back to the RV park we discovered we have new neighbors – some campers with a pop-up. It did not look like they were having much fun getting it setup in the dark… Most late arrivals to the park are usually here for a single night… I would think sleeping in a pop-up would be difficult with all of the city noise and our air conditioner running.

I don’t have much planned for tomorrow – going to breakfast at Crusoe’s at 9:00am and then after that I’m thinking about going to the zoo or geocaching in Forrest Park. It’s going to be another great day weather wise – so I want to make sure I spend time outside enjoying it.

Next weekend we are having some visitors – Dave and Mitch from Des Moines will be stopping in for a few days. We have not seen them since camping with them in Milwaukee two years ago (I believe?) – so it will be a treat to spend time with them. We have no real plans for their visit – but I’m sure we will figure out something. Jared from Chicago may also be coming to St. Louis next weekend with a friend – so we may also be meeting up with them…

Now I’m off to bed… John and Prince are already asleep…..

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