Greetings from a cool, but dry Portland…

It stopped raining Saturday afternoon and has not started up again… Yeah!!  Forecast is calling for dry, but cool weather through Friday.  It is a nice change from the constant noise of rain drops on the fiberglass MoHo roof.

This evening we had our first hamburgers off the grill this Spring – were yummy!  Going to keep the grill out for a few more days to take advantage of the weather.

John is finishing up this session of classes and now is in the middle of taking his final exams.  He wanted to do the first exam on Saturday and asked if I mind leaving him alone at the RV to do so…  No big deal with me…  So I found that Portland’s Largest Garage Sale was being held at the Expo Center.  After breakfast I had him drop me off at the closest TriMax light rail train station and I rode it to the Expo Center.


Waiting for train to arrive.....

The ride took around 45 minutes, which included getting off the Blue line, walking 1 block and then getting on the Yellow line.  The expo center was very busy with three separate events going on – the garage sale, a gun show and a children’s expo.  The parking lots looked quite busy, so glad I took the train, plus they charge $8.00 to park.

The garage sale was huge – took me several hours to see everything.  Ended up not purchasing anything – was not getting a case of the ‘spendies’ at all.  Saw an old Omnibot robot toy, some 8-tracks and an old Apple 3G laptop that showed potential – but decided I could live without them.

One vendor was selling bluetooth retro handsets – like from a old telephone that you use with your cell phone.  Sent picture to John but he said it was lame:


Everything old is 'new again'?

Having enough of looking at other people’s junque, I hopped back on the yellow line train and went downtown to transfer to the blue line train.  The train system is very easy to get around in and they have lots of maps in the train cars and at each stop.


Downtown train stop

After waiting for 15 minutes, got on the blue train heading west out to Hillsborough.  The ride was scenic and not many people on board once we left downtown – so was quite peaceful.

Then took the return train back to Gresham where John was waiting for me.  I texted him my arrival time.  He said his exam was difficult, but he thinks he did well.  Will not get his grades for another week so will not know for sure…  He did another of his final exams today – he said it was very difficult.  Had 3.5 hours to do the exam in and he almost ran out of time.  He has one more test to take tomorrow then he is done with school for the remainder of the week, then has next week off for “Spring Break”.

On Sunday we did some more landscaping projects at our site.  John was not happy with the two pavers we put in place last weekend, so we purchased 5 more with more sand.  One of the original pavers broke into two and we now have a 3 x 2 grid.


John preparing the ground with sand for the pavers


All done...

All done – now we will not track in as much mud and grass.  We also purchased some LED Tikki Torches:


LED Tikki Torches

We are not allowed to have real tikki torches because of the “open flame” rule, so these will have to do.  At night they have a nice flickering effect that looks somewhat realistic.  Adds a little “flair” to the campsite.  We are still arguing about getting some plastic pink flamingos…. 🙂


Pretty blue flowers came up this week at our site... Not sure what they are..

Sunday afternoon I ended up doing 7 loads of laundry.  Usually only do 3 or 4, but wanted to do the bed linens.  The laundry facilities here are nice.  The machines are large capacity and all in working order.


Was able to wash/dry all seven loads at the same time :)

Then went on a 11 mile bike ride from the RV park and down to the bike path along the Columbia River.   Was in the upper 50’s with a cool breeze – little cooler by the water.


Picture of Columbia River from bike trail

The only downside to the bike ride is the steep hill on the way back to the RV park.  I’m able to pedal my way to the top, but barely.  It really sucks….  but the rest of the ride is worth it…

Today it was back to work.  My work day went by quickly with lots to do.  I have plenty of different projects, issues and interactions going on, so I’m able to bounce between things all day long.  Still wrapping up a few things from being on call last week – nothing major, mostly waiting for others to do their parts….

Need to get going to ice skating lessons.  Want to leave a few mins early due to some sort of shooting a few blocks away from the mall that has traffic tied up.  Think the shooting was not too close to where I usually park and enter, but still anticipating traffic problems.  Mall is not on lock down and there’s a large police presence in the area – so not overly concerned…

Looking forward to a good lesson….

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