Greetings from a nice evening in Milwaukee…

Woke up this morning to the sound of a semi trailer idling somewhere close to the RV park… I think they park nearby waiting for a local business to open up for them… Once up I could not get back to sleep…. ugh….

Day at work went by quickly. I had work to do on each of my projects, plus I have been assigned a new project to work on. The new project is to migrate an existing standard database over to a Notes 8.5 XPages app… I really like XPages – so this will be a fun project… I like have several projects at one time because it keeps me busy and then the time goes by quickly…

After work came home, made a quick supper (turkey sandwich and triscuits) and watched Judge Judy… My Judge Judy lesson of the day is “If you rent an apartment with your best friend, don’t move you mom and two boyfriends in a month later and expect your roommate to stay….” Then I drove over to Seattle Sutton to pick up our bi-weekly allotment of food… We did not get in town early enough yesterday for pickup – so they were nice enough to let me get it tonight… They were very nice about it…

When I got back to the campground, two reporters from the Journal Sentinel stopped over. They are doing a story about the RV park, and the people who stay here. We chatted around an hour about what it is like to be a full time RV’er, our adventures, where we have been and etc. They snapped a few pictures of me and Prince. They had spoken to John last evening when he was outside working on installing the ham radio into the Jeep… It will be interesting to see the article, when it comes out….

The Yaesu transceiver he purchased at the hamfest has proved to be defective. It intermittently stops working – John did some research and the specific model that he has is known to do this. It sucks that John made a bad purchase. He was looking forward to installing and using it. To fix the situation, he stopped by the local Amateur Electronic Supply store this morning and purchased a new Yaesu radio…. After he got it, he texted me to see if I was upset that he obtained it…. I was not.. it’s his hard earned money….. Plus now I can get an iPad in the near future and ask for his permission afterward 😉

Not much else going on… John just texted me … wants me to bring lunch to him at work…. so off I go….

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