My work day went by quickly. I spent most of my time working on little support tasks that needed done – add a field to this database, change a view in another and etc.. lots of easy busy work.. For lunch I went to Novak’s – they have free wi-fi so I can check my email and surf the web with my iPod Touch. It is nice to get away from work for a bit. After work I did 30 minutes on the treadmill – first time in over a week due to my sore toe. It went well – no pain….

Tonight was John’s long day at work – he did not make it to the RV until 7:15pm. He did his regular duties around the park and worked at the front desk. He had a few new RV’s arrive today… I picked up some food at Qdoba’s on the way home and reheated it when John arrived. Our weekly mail shipment arrived – we got a few bills and lots of magazines.

Not much else going on – John is tired and relaxing and I’m getting the bills paid online. I’m looking forward to watching the finale of American Idol – except for all of the commercials and dragging out the results for hours…. I keep wavering back and forth on who will be the winner – my guess at the moment is that David Archuleta will win… Canadian Idol starts on June 3rd – I’m looking forward to watching it again this year via Bit Torrent.. I actually like Canadian Idol better then American Idol – the contestants seem to be more down to earth, and the guys are hotter – especially the ones from Saskatoon…. I’m sure this year will not disappoint me….

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