Howdy from the greater DFW….

The last few days the weather has been dry and warm. John has been turning more red then usual, but it should turn into more of a tan in the new few weeks.

John has been busy mowing and doing odd jobs around the park. The park looks pretty good – the crew is getting the mowing and trimming caught up in time for the start of “Amateur Camping Season”. This weekend will probably be the first weekend where the park will be at capacity. I expect mini-vans pulling in, the door sliding open and 12 children jumping out running screaming to the playground… 🙂 The outdoor swimming pool also opens for the season – I’m looking forward to swimming, splashing around and hoping one of the little kids did not poo in it…..

We watched American Idol tonight. I think Adam did a really good job, but so did Chris. John thinks that Chris will win tomorrow because the people who voted for Danny in the past will now vote for Chris. John also saw a new story on Fox News about how they wonder if the “Christians” will try to sway the vote for Chris… (So much for objective news coverage on Fox). I have been trying to phone in votes for Adam, but have only registered 4 votes so far – keep getting busy signals. In some ways it might be better for Adam if he does not win – that way he can have more control over what record label he goes with and how he is represented by the industry….

John received the new power supply for this radio. He had it installed and working by the time I made it home at 6:30pm. He says that he does not hear a hum in the radio audio and he likes how he can adjust the voltage level. I asked him what I needed to know about using the radio now – he basically told me to “don’t touch anything”… typical John…. John figured out that the delay in shipping was due to the fact that the ebay vendor placed an order for the power supply after John won it and it was drop shipped from Connecticut. John was not thrilled that this was not explained to him….

I miss Perry. It feels strange to see his old emails in my inbox, phone number saved on my cell phone and screen name on Yahoo Instant Messenger… John has been in contact with friends in St. Louis and they are planning a celebration of his life in early July at the park where he took his dog Zeke for a walk everyday – rain or shine…. We are planning on attending…..

Not much else going on… I’m going to try and get a few more votes registered for Adam, read for awhile and fall asleep. John is already in bed reading one of his ham radio magazines… He had a long day and is tired…. poor John….

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