Greetings from a really nice spring day in Milwaukee….

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper ran the article we were interviewed for today. It was pretty cool to see it featured on the front page of the printed paper with a picture of myself and Prince on the continued part of the story on an inside page. Prince was much more photogenic then I…. He hammed it up on the dashboard for the photographer who must have taken at least 20 pictures of him. You can check out the article online at this link: State Fair RV Park Offers Road Warriors the Comforts of Home. I thought they did a really nice job on it. John gave me some grief for telling them that he was a Dispatcher at a trucking company, when his proper title is “Safety Director”…. details, details……. Most people know that John is not just anything…..

Work went by quickly today. Had several coworkers acknowledge seeing the newspaper article. I spent most of the day working on still another new project – I’m adding some new forms and features to an existing application. It is not overly difficult, but when dealing with old programming done by someone else, I have to be very careful not to break the existing functionality… The area I work in has become a hub of activity. A project is underway to clear out some large movable shelves full off financial documents. I believe they shelves are being removed so more cubes can be setup, but not 100% sure. So today there was more people in my area then I’ve seen before with lots of noise and chatter…. Thank goodness for iPhone and headphones…. 🙂

After work came home and got my daily Judge Judy fix. The nugget of wisdom that I gleaned from the show today is that if you beat up your wife and have to leave the home because of a court order, you can’t sure her for the rent you paid, or the items she threw away… The problems people get themselves into…. After supper went for another Seattle Sutton food pickup. I told them about the article and how it mentions Seattle Sutton – they were happy about that… It took some arranging to get all the new food put away. Now the fridge is really full… To help clear it out, I dropped John’s supper off to him at work. When I deliver his supper I like to hang out with him a bit, but tonight he seemed too busy to deal with me…. The only time I see him is when I get up in the morning and he is sleeping ;(

Have some plans for the weekend. Plan on spending the afternoon with Bernie and Mike at their campsite, then head over to Madison for a 5:00pm birthday party. Our friend Mike J. is turning 30. I remember turning 30… it was no big deal… seemed like turning 32 was more traumatic… 30 is still close to 29, but 32 is not even close anymore….

That’s about it… going to clean house a bit, watch TV and prepare for the next work day…

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