I have come to the conclusion that John breaks things around the motor home, just so he has something to do over the weekend. This weekend the Splendide combination washer/dryer stopped working. John took it out of the cabinet and opened it up to see if anything obvious was wrong. After checking it out for an hour, he determined that the motor that rotates the drum is defective. He called Splendide and the technician had him work though a few things while he was on the phone – with no positive results. Our warranty should cover this, so tomorrow John will call around and see if he can find a local repair shop to work on it.

On Saturday John worked on securing the outside wall on the driver side of the RV. This went faster then the other side because we only needed to do the part of the wall that does not have the slide out. John did not yell at me as much this time.

I did lots of walking over the weekend – today I did 10,510 steps and yesterday I did around 9,500. At the flea markets I purchased two pineapples, some razor blades and some packets of mixes that you add alcohol to and freeze into a slush. I peeled and cut the pineapples up into cubes and have it in the fridge – it is yummy to snack on. John does not care for pineapple, but he tried a few pieces.

We did not go anywhere special this weekend – spent most of the time hanging around the campground and etc…

John is getting a bit lonely and is trying to figure out how we can meet some like-minded people to hang out with here in Columbia….

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