I just got done with my nightly walk – I walked a total 10,259 steps today. This is what my progress looks like on www.americaonthemove.org:
John made arrangements with Tony’s RV to have them work on the combination washer/dryer. He is going to drop it off on Wednesday if he can get off work a bit early. They are the only shop in the area that will work on RV’s that were not purchased at their dealership. With a little luck we will get our washer/dryer fixed under warranty….

When I came back to the motor home, John was playing with the ham radio. When John would tune in some voices, Prince would start to meow – it was like he also wanted to say Hi and give his call sign….

It is starting to get really hot here during the day – today it was in the lower 90’s. There are not very many people in the front part of the RV park today. This is where the short term campers stay – mostly people staying for the evening, week, or weekend. Last weekend there was a small camping rally – I’m not sure what group it was… I like walking around up front to see the different motor homes and travel trailers.

This is the last week for American Idol – the result show will be on Wednesday… I’m still hoping that Blake will win…. Then next week I will start going through “Idol withdrawal” and have to find something else to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights…. Next week more or less marks the start of the Summer TV season. I’m looking forward to watching some summer shows like “Rescue Me” on FX….

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