Hello All, John here again!

Had a pretty busy day today… Went to breakfast with Perry, and Rich S. I think Perry is getting pissed that I haven’t been a regular attendee at breakfast due to working with George, so it was good to go and have my usual breakfast for a change of late. After that a sudden stroke of ambition overcame me and I decided to brave the King’s Highway Home Depot and pickup some paving stones for the park. I wanted to place a 4 x 10 foot area of some kind of solid surface next to the little shed where we store the 100# propane tanks. In the past we have just hand them on 2×4’s sitting in the mud, which makes it quite difficult to handle the tanks, and when it rains the area is always a mess. This is all part of the effort to clean up the area around the shed which includes pitching a lot of the crap George tends to collect. Lynn fully supports my cleanup efforts, and we try to get these little projects done while George is not here. So, I found some paver’s at the Depot that were reasonable and would accomplish my goal, then spent 45 minutes wandering the store looking for a flat bed cart to haul them with. I asked 3 Home Depot Employee’s for help, all three with empty carts of their own that they wouldn’t give up, which was frustrating in itself, and then got sent to parts of the store that of course didn’t have them. SO, I had to go to the parking lot, and bring one in. They wonder why I loath shopping there. I then strode again all the way across the store (for the 5th time now… And yes, the thought of Riding the cart like a skateboard did cross my mind, but I figured I would break something on myself…) back to the garden center and loaded 40 bricks (again AMAZING how not one home depot person is anywhere near you when you are loading your own shit from their shelves…) and wheeled my 2 tons of bricks to the checkout girl. The checker was actually quite friendly, and did offer to page someone for loading assistance, but I figured I got it this far, I can finish the job. Anyhow, I made it back to the park by about 11:00, and went right to work laying them down. First I had to dig out about 6 inches of soil and re-grade the area away from the shed, then Randy and Jim came to assist. We laid down some gravel, then sand, and finally the stones. It turned out pretty good for my first time laying paving stones, and we didn’t even have a tamper, so I was actually surprised that we got them as level as we did. I am sure they will settle somewhat, but whatever, it is 100 times better than what was there.

I then went home to chill out and watch my daily dose of Star Trek. Oh, just shut it… I like it, I don’t care what you all think! Spike and SciFi have been running the seasons from the Original and Voyager, and now the new Enterprise. I never really got into the Original series, but was a big Next Gen fan, and Voyager fan. So, I now I Tivo it and watch it in the afternoons…

George was piddling with his wood rack so I helped him move some sheets of plywood, and such, and then fixed a shower that a “Guest” stripped out valve on and wouldn’t shut off… Found out today it has been running for a day and a half… Ugh.

Before Breakfast I prepped a up some beef stew for tonight in the slow cooker. It was pretty good. Derek bought the veggie’s and stew meat at the Soulard Market last weekend. I added some leftover pork. There’s enough left for a couple more meals…

I was considering ending this post here, but I was just reading the IRV2 Forum, and came across an interesting rumor. That Rumor is that Sprint (our provider for our internet EVDO access) has decided to follow Verizon’s lead in changing the Terms of Service of the “Unlimited” contract we signed with them. Apparently, they will be enforcing a 5 Gig limit monthly. There are lots of unanswered questions, and we haven’t been notified officially yet. Supposedly, they will allow you to decline the new T.O.S. in favor of termination of the agreement. I agree this is a more fair approach than Verizon’s past approach of just shutting us off, but I still find this is an unethical practice. I feel they should allow us to finish our agreement as it is written, then make the choice to re-sign to the new T.O.S. or find service elsewhere. The real kicker is that Sprint has NO tool for monitoring usage, either on your bill or on-line. The post I reference is here: EVDO Post

SO, in light of this little tidbit of information, for screwing a loyal customer, who has never paid his bill a day late, I proclaim Sprint as the winner of this week’s “ASS CLOWN Award. Which leads me down yet another road of continued tradition of venting my negativity on the blog. I plan to try, to hand out an “Award” weekly. It seems a number of our readers seem to enjoy my… comments, and I feel we need to feed those requests. I hope to talk Derek into a small side section for the current and past “Ass Clown” nominee’s, and in a years time, to name an overall Ass Clown Winner… We will see if I have the conviction to continue.

Speaking of blog shattering changes, I would like to also start a bit of a Contest of sorts. I think the name of our blog is a bit lame, which is officially “John and Derek’s Personal Blog” Boring… In that light, lets hear from our loyal readers… through e-mail, shout outs, or comments, send us your Ideas. We would like something simple that still contains our names, but that adds a bit more excitement to our dull experience. At least that way when you tell someone you read John and Derek’s Blog, you peak their interest briefly–until they log on that is. There is more to this yet… I have been on Derek for some time now to design a new banner for the site in place of the generic one we currently have… so maybe with a snazzy new name, we might be able to motivate Derek a bit to get with it… 🙂 Oh, and I just want to add, that I only ask because I am truly not creative enough to string 5 of 6 words together that sound snazzy or catchy or whatevery, and depend on those of you that are. Yes, I admit it, I did not get the gay creative gene….

Anyhow, I am off. Send us your thoughts and have a great night!


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