Hello all, John here.

Let’s see, first a Perry update. The STL gang will be holding a memorial on July 11th, 2009 in Blackburn park. From what I understand Tom and Jim have made up somehting of an announcement flier, that I will post here when I get my hands on one. Also, Rich tells me that Zeke is getting settled into his new home. We are all still pissed at Perry for doing what he did, but we hope he has found what he was seeking…

Anyhow, I am working tomorrow. On 40 hrs weeks for a while anyhow. The aim is to usher me into doing more here than just cutting grass, which is both a blessing and a cruse. I will be going to “Propane School” since here in Texas everyone has to be licensed to pump. I don’t pay for it, and it is an easy 8 hrs. We will see how the incoming new manager is and if it remains to be the same crap, I will probably insist on going back to my original schedule. Today was OK, I started on the ZTR, and the other spindle that we should have fixed when we had it apart finally let go. We tore it apart to make sure it was just the bearings, and Al ordered the parts. Then Al showed me how they took care of the pool, which still amazes me, 3 different parks, and all three have vastly different ways of handling the pool chemicals and testing, etc. I mean, it is just Chlorine, PH, and Alkalinity, one would think it would be a little more standardized… Some places go the cheap route, and this place insists on designer chemicals for everything. This pool is a little strange, as the PH tends to run low, most I have dealt with it is keeping it down is the problem. Something tells me though that they add so many chemicals it never stabilizes and they are forever chasing it. We will see how it goes…

I finished the day pushing the grass I didn’t get cut on the ZTR. It was sunny and hot, and I am sore. Sigh.

We did get our weekly mail today. Not much exciting, but I did get 3 return QSL cards. All Stateside, but a couple states I needed. I do need to get off my ass and get signed up for HamTest Online this weekend and start studying if I have any hope of testing for my Extra in June.

On the eBay front, I won a “Minty” pair of Yaesu YH-55 Headphones. I have been looking for a nice pair of “cans” for a while, and everything I look at or try is either really cheap sounding, really expensive, or built really crappy. Even the Bose ones I wasn’t overly impressed with and I am just not going to drop that kind of cash on headphones. These are just what I wanted, and I thought I was going to have to settle for Mono phones (the main purpose is for the Ham rig, which is only mono anyhow) but, I popped open the connector, and Booyah! They are wired separate to the connector! So, I slapped on a new 1/4″ Stereo Phono plug last night and I have a good sounding stereo headphone! I do wish my 897 had the feature that some of the higher end rigs do where they will have dual receive and allow you to put one VFO on one side and the other VFO on the opposite. The 897 does have 2 VFO’s, but it isn’t dual receive (meaning you can only hear one or the other, not both at the same time). The new Power Supply is working out well. I do like the meters, and having a surplus of amperage, as this one doesn’t drop near the voltage on transmit, and I can now transmit at a full 100 watts PEP. I might change the dial lights out with a slightly higher voltage to dim them a hair, but they are not obnoxiously bright the way they are. Overall, it was a good investment, especially since the old one was starting to hum and make some noise. This one is nice and quiet. I have one more auction win on its way, and I will save the details of that win until it arrives.

Other than that, not much else going on here. I am off to bed early as the sun and heat have wore me out. Have a good night.


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